Rixx Javix: Statistics

A year ago I wrote a post about the current state of my killboard stats, so I thought it might be a good time to catch up on them a year later.  For a little Perspective, this time last year I was fighting in Providence on the side of the Paxton Federation and was a member of M3 Corporation (see Kirith's blog).  Since then I moved to RAGE up in Vale of the Silent, moved again to low sec, then Scalding Pass, took almost two months off from PvP doing so, then finally landed in The Spire with Dissonance (which might as well have been a PvP break given the lack of targets there) and then back down to Providence with Circle of Two to play in Fight Club which broke up as we got there, went to war with the South and watched Co2 go from doing very well to failscading, evacuated again, went back to low sec, then landed in Syndicate, helped form a new Alliance, then founded Lucifer's Hammer, evacuated again, joined RK, then Muppets, then founded a new Alliance and moved to our current location.  Whew!  I'm a busy guy.

I say all that as background to the fact that until recently, it has been difficult for me to establish any strong foundation for extended PvP action.  Moving sucks in Null, it is soooo much easier in low.  You have gate camps and low-sec entrances to deal with, you take risks you wouldn't normally take and until recently I didn't have my own Carrier to help.

Anyway, no excuses, just background.

This time last year my PvP record stood at 526-172 (75%).  Now it stands at 950-286 (76%), so during the last 12 months I've gone 424-114 (78%).  I went from a BC ranking of 42,372 to 22,409 (my high remains 9,250 but that was a long time ago).

Statistics don't mean much to me, the most important thing about the past year is the transformation that has occurred.  From a nomadic Null sec soldier to a more stable (which is funny) Pirate life.  I would like to think that during the last five months especially the quality of PvP has also increased.  On the other side of that coin, the quality of my deaths has also increased.  So everything balances out in the end.

A few interesting things.  This time last year I had killed a total of 27 pods in my career.  Today that total stands at 103!  Mostly that change is because of my growing skills with gun boats, having spent my early years as a Caldari pilot that couldn't lock pods fast enough to bother with it.

Last year I had killed more Battleships than anything else (Null) and now I've killed more BC Class ships than anything else (Low), 190 BC to 165 BS.  

GIven all that moving, I don't have a continuous killboard that would allow me to see which ships I flew the most last year, since BC doesn't keep track.  Clearly last year the Drake and the Crow were tops on the list, but since starting Lucifer's Hammer the Vagabond, Cane, Drake, Tempest, Zealot and Rapier are all pretty well equal as my most used ships.

What all this means, I dunno, not much.  I've said it before, I don't play for the stats.  There are plenty of pilots with much more impressive killboards than me and there always will be.  I'm not that kind of player and I won't ever be that kind of player.  I strive to be a quality over quantity pilot, on the look out for good fights, not afraid to risk it all, and perfectly content to have fun doing so.  Yes I want to get better and hope that I continue to do so, of course.  There is certainly a level of pride that is involved.  But I don't play for stats.  I play to play.  And not embarrass my Corp mates.

Long live Lucifer's Hammer!  Here's a stat for you, now ranked #1,346 on BC and climbing!  Now that IS a stat I am proud of.