The new Eve Is Real web archive slash gallery slash marketing venture slash vanity project has gone live this week. This is many things but primarily I have decided to think of it as an extremely positive step in the right direction. A unique and distinctly Eve'ian way of sharing with others the one thing that really makes Eve so special - the community.

Eve is indeed real. It might be virtual on my computer, but it certainly dominates a chunk of life, thought and effort. Which brings it out of the virtual and into the real for me. I don't fight that relationship, often I have to step back from it when it gets crazy, or change the way I deal with certain aspects of it. But primarily I am very happy with the way Eve and I deal with each other.

The important thing about the new site is sharing. A central depository in which we (the community) can share our works, views, humor, art, dedication and passion with the rest of the world. I'd say that is a worthy attempt and CCP is to be commended for even trying such a thing.

So I've decided to support the effort any way I can. I was given a chance to upload items a week or so early and took it, in fact I continue to upload a few things every day. I'd really, really, really, really like to win some prizes. So please feel free to support your hard-working, dedicated friendly neighborhood blogger by sharing some of the work I've uploaded to the site. The top 20 "vote" getters win some sweet prizes.

So far this image is my top vote getter: Game Mechanics

This wallpaper for Lucifer's Hammer is also doing very well.

As is my favorite screen shot ever! (Of the ones I've taken)

I have a lot of images posted so feel free to "vote" for anything of course, even other people's stuff. Although that would be extremely rude! ( I kid of course) This one I loaded yesterday of a fleet of Battle Badgers I had completely forgotten about is also cool.

The point is, this is good stuff. I navigate thru the images and videos every day and find new and exciting things I've never seen before. That is amazing. Eve is real and it is worth sharing.

So share.