Eveotorial: Low Sec

There has been a lot of talk over the years about "fixing" low security space in Eve, as if it was somehow broken. It isn't broken, it just doesn't work. "Fixing" low sec is easy, it isn't hard at all and it would honestly take CCP about five minutes of coding to do it.

Follow along:

Step One: A few lines of code and GCC is now only five minutes long, without the silly yellow/red stages. You kill a ship you deserve a penalty, but not one that can stretch out to nearly 45 minutes if you ain't careful. (That happened to me just a few weeks ago btw, 45 MINUTES!) That ain't right.

I'm willing to be penalized for leading a combat based lifestyle in a game built on Player Versus Player combat, but 15 minutes of red and 15 minutes of yellow is silly. 

Five minutes gives the threatened time to escape, re-group, or hide. And it crimps my attacks enough to hurt, but not completely destroy the hour I set aside to play.

I'd even accept a scale based on the sec status of the system, but that seems like it would take more code and I want to keep this simple.

Step Two: Oh wait, there isn't a step two.

Look, we can argue all day about increasing this or that to bring more people into low sec space and that's fine. But generally speaking I'm fine with the number of people in low sec space right now. Low Sec is for the people that enjoy PvP, for those that have to hurry thru it, or those willing to risk something to make something, and that's fine.

That one simple easy change would bring more people to low, allow your PvP based characters the chance to PvP more and bring an increased level of friggin' enjoyment to New Eden.  Y'know, fun!  You remember fun don't you?

I could say more, and I did here, but I want to keep this short and sweet.

GCC five minutes. Eve better. Thanks.