The EVE Blog Pack

The GodFather of Eve bloggers CrazyKinux has hung up his Canadian Bacon and slipped into the world of private living and honest pay.  CK's contributions to the Eve community are well documented and well deserving of recognition, but as in all things, nothing lasts forever. As I've said to him before, I truly appreciate all the help and encouragement he gave me when I started.

It was his decision to put this fledgling blog of mine into the Eve Blog Pack that gave me the encouragement and entry into the community I needed when I was first starting out. Without that, well who knows? Luckily we don't have to travel that path. As many of my fellow bloggers and readers know, over the past year CK's blogging and time have been increasingly limited.  And now, today, he has announced he is shuttering the blog for good.

In his wisdom he decided not to publicly endorse anyone to "take over" the Eve Blog Pack duties, such as they are. I thought this was extremely wise and it doesn't put him in a position of having to point to anyone and go, "you". 

So I've taken the liberty of moving the Eve Blog Pack here to Eveoganda. It is up and running right now, all you have to do is click on the banner at the top of the site. A Google Reader link is provided, subscribe to that and ta da!  You are now subscribed to the NEW EVE Blog Pack.

For the time being it will remain exactly as CK left it. The Blogs on the list are the same ones on the list this morning. That will be changing shortly, as many blogs have shut-down or moved on since CK last updated the list.  I will also encourage anyone to let me know your thoughts about criteria or standards for being on the list, but mostly I think it'll come down to two things - activity and longevity. As well as a certain feeling, like CK had for me when I first started out.

Why me? Why not. Certainly my love for the Eve Blogging community is well known and I've helped dozens of my fellow bloggers with graphics, event support and more over the past two years. So why not? I just want to keep a good thing going, but in the end it only matters if the community responds. So we'll see what happens.

Until then, the Eve Blog Pack is up and running. Your thoughts?

PS: Lolz I forgot the most important thing. Where is the Blog Pack headed now that it is here? First of all the Pack is in serious need of updating and overhaul, there are several blogs on the list that are no longer active.  Second it needs to be expanded beyond the listed blogs and encompass a more wide-ranging selection of blogs. I don't believe it needs to have a set "number" or anything like that, but it should be large enough to include the variety of Eve subject matter that this community is famous for.