Twitter Tuesday: Twits from Tweetfleet

Welcome to Twitter Tuesday! The semi-sorta-regular feature where I ask my fellow Tweetfleeters to ask me any question, serious, silly or absurd, and I have to answer it here on Eveoganda.

So let's see what they come up with today shall we?

@BuckyOhair Why am I always the first one to ask a question? 

This is very sad, poor Bucky. All of us in the Tweetfleet have tried to help this guy, but he is so sad and lonely, all he has is his Tweetfleet account to keep him going. Seriously, if you have a heart, please try to help. A cousin, or a friend of yours that can spend some time with Bucky would be a great help. Even if it is only for a few hours. Visit to learn more.

@d347hm4n Why do people blob? How can they be dissuaded.

I wondered this as well, so I contacted a buddy of mine who works in the Center for Blobbing Studies outside Washington DC and I learned some interesting things.  For instance, Blobbers flock mainly in response to a genetic marker they all share, this marker became apparent as a result of the Human Genome Project and has recently been the subject of great debate.  Humans who share this marker seem to respond primarily via air-borne phermones that smell like coffee or baking bread, hence the popularity of coffee shops and fresh bread makers. How this translates into Eve-online is the subject of some tests they have coming up soon, so look for more information in the near future.

@CozmikR5 when are you gonna add this unrepentant non-conformist to the blog pack? My longevity qualifies me :))

Well longevity isn't the only criteria, but look for some updates later this week to the Blog Pack. I can't promise your blog will be on there, but it might. I had a neurosurgeon friend of mine tinker around in my brain and lock off the part that works on the Blog Pack, so I'll be just as surprised as the rest of you.

@MarcScaurus Why do I have balls on my head?

(Check out the Twitter Hats page to see what Marc is referring to)  Marc is sporting the Ancient Chinese Traditional Hat of Courage and Fierce-some Fighting Spirit, which is little understood in the West. It is easy to see why he may be confused into thinking it is simply balls he is wearing. Each "sphere" contains mystical powers that assist the wearer in times of trouble. Wearing such a hat in Ancient times was a symbol of great respect and power.  Of course, in the modern world, it's just silly.

@TG_3 My question: "Why?"

My answer: "Why the Hell not?"

@Capital_Murder How many licks does it take to make it to tootsie roll center of tootsie pop?

Very good question. I just happen to have one here... so let me get it opened.  Hold on.  Ok, yum, it does look good.  So here we go. A one. (lick) A two. (lick) A three. (CRUNCH!) A three!

@HarlonMathuin Why is pie so damn awesome?

Pie is truth and cake is a lie, but why? Why is the sky blue, well I cannot tell you. The cake is a lie it holds deep and false, like the orchestrated dance at a fancy waltz. The beginning sprang from revolution, but the answers are extreme and Confucian. A tangled puzzle in a locked box, to get at it you must make like a fox. I'll start you on the path of truth from lies, by telling you it all begins with your eyes. I know, this can be exhausting, so look no further than the frosting.

Pie is truth. Hence the secret to its awesomeness.

@Acute_Dragonis If 30 planes a year are lost in the Bermuda triangle, then why do people continue to fly though that area???

Little known fact and please don't pass this around at dinner parties, but that area of the ocean is the ritual breeding ground of airplanes. The male airplane spreads his seed amongst the clouds and the female, if one has responded to the male call, scoops the seed into her intake manifold. The male, then spent, crashes into the waves and dives deeply to the ocean floor where he finds a locked door. The door opens and within is the male plane gentleman's club, where he lives out his days smoking cigars and eating cheese on the couch watching whatever the hell he wants on the telly!

@BuckyOhair How do all those clowns fit in that tiny car?

Clown car maker, Acme Clown Car International, also makes the world-famous Tardis for the BBC television series Doctor Who. Not many people know this, but this explains the shared Tardis Drive Effect in which apparent space is actually much larger than it appears. This technology was developed specifically for clown usage in the late 1800's.

@Acute_Dragonis Why does @BuckyOhair have a fetish about a bunch of clowns in a tiny car?

See the earlier mention and visit  Unlike most humans Bucky's innate fear of clowns has been replaced by a deep longing to mimic their close knit community and a desire to "fit in" to a family, even one as horrible and demeaning as a clown based one. 

@HarlonMathuin How can clowns drive in such massive shoes?

They can't obviously, which is why clowns kidnap young children that don't listen to their parents and force them to live a life of slavery and depravation as slaves to the clowns. Driving their little Tardis Drive endowed cars is only one of the many humiliations such children face on the daily basis.