GCC: Why U Violence Mah Boat?

NOTE: For some history, take a moment to read this post from last Summer (8.11.11) in which I laid out a revised and modified plan for GCC, which included universal 5 minute timers.

NOTE 2: Also take a moment and read this excellent post over on Carebears With Claws, which effectively does the same thing.

And now, the funnies:

Click to embiggen! Oh baby!
Yesterday's post was all about compromise and just how horrible that approach to solving problems in Eve can be. While there are many solutions to the issues inherent in the current GCC/Aggro system, modifying the current system to work within the current system is needlessly complicated. Heck, it took me four steps to do it.

It is obvious that the new Crimewatch portion of the new expansion will, in some way, deal with these issues. What isn't obvious, at least as of this writing, is exactly "how" they will be dealt with. But we do have some clues to base some supposition around. And it seems to me like it will be a combination of elements from my post last year and the one over on CWC. At least in part.

So, let's assume ( which my Father always warned me, makes an ass of u and me ) this is the case. That effectively Hi-Sec and Null are left alone and the new Crimewatch system primarily deals with Low-Sec. Let's also assume it includes the implementation of a universal five-minute timer based on aggression and defense of aggression.

In other words, if I attack you and you fire back to defend yourself, we've entered into an agreement of aggression. No timer, no sec status loss, just a toe-to-toe good fight. It is possible that I am way off here, but this is my current assumption when it comes to what we are getting. In addition to the rumors of in-system trading of Kill Rights and other, possibly, more outlandish claims being made.

If the core of the new system is mutual 1v1s built into the framework of the new Crimewatch, then I'm all for it obviously. 5 minute timers are much better than 15 minute timers and hopefully will result in much more actual play-time and less knitting time.

I've been railing against the current GCC system for almost three years, back in July 2011 I wrote an Eveotorial calling for 5 minute timers to be universally implemented, which even pre-dates the post I linked at the top of this one.

My point being, it's been obvious for years that something needed to be done. I'm certainly not the only one who has been saying it. And I'll be curious to watch as more information streams out of the Dev Blog Farm and hits the streets in the coming weeks.

We've been asking for years for someone to pay some attention to Low-Sec, let's just hope we don't regret it when they finally do.

Always vigilant.