September 2012

Another month of pillaging and rapin', or trying to find good fights. I was 50-10 in September (58-18 in August) and that seems to be a normal range for me given my limited playing time these days. I'm good with that level, I'd certainly like to have better stats, but what can you do?

I did manage to make even more of the month end award lists on the Tusker KB this month, so that is something. Please ignore how pathetic my numbers are compared to Tawa, the man is a beast.

Progress remains slow however, as my nature continues to get me exploded in strange and stoopid ways from time-to-time. I'm beginning to suspect that is just the way it is going to be, so I should just relax and accept the insanity that sometimes takes over my brain.

Oh and in a couple of days here I will have been in the Tuskers for an entire year... straight! I've never done that before.