Totally Made Up Serious Sounding Post (including real bits)

Play Eve long enough and you will begin to really get annoyed about a few things. Your results may vary, but one universal annoyance is certainly what I call ( Well, tbh I just made this up for the post, but I should probably act like I've been calling it this for a long time, so as to appear smarter or more thoughtful ) The Duality of Chance Model of Random Collisions. ( Man, that does sound important! )

DCMRC goes something like this. Fit up a small, fast ship with a MWD to catch people. Undock in said awesome ship. Warp around looking for a fight. Get Webbed/Scrammed, Die.

Having learned that lesson, you now fit up a slightly more tanky version based around an AB. You are so smart. Undock. Warp around. Miss out on about 10,000 fights because you don't have a MWD!

Roam in bigger ships and all you find is smaller ships. Roam in smaller ships and all you find is larger ships. This Duality of Chance thing is a real pisser! And it scales of course. Take out a RR Fleet and guess what? Take out a Shield BC fleet? Same thing. Sigh.

The good news is that despite the DCMRC effect, you can fight thru it. How? My God Rixx, how!?!!

It doesn't exist. There is no such thing as the DCMRC Effect. I totally made it up, I even said so way up there in the first paragraph. Pay attention. You nodded while you were reading because we have all experienced this duality. It is the way the universe works my friend. And nothing can be done about it. The only thing left to you is to mitigate the effects, overcome the odds, and train up a boosting alt. Or not.

I had a lot of the DCMRC Effect this week. I take out small ships with ABs and need a MWD, I take out larger ships and find poor Merlins to kill. ( I felt bad for the guy I tackled in my SFI, I didn't even launch mah drones ) I finally settle on a medium-sized Thrasher and then this Sentinel lands right on top of me! lol.

I laugh at myself a lot. This friggin' game is so incredibly frustrating at times. But then... on the other hand... it can be so amazingly awesome. And the duality effect swings around to your side of the world for a few moments.

You jump into a WH and find this Daredevil just sitting there about 70k off the entrance. And your buddy tackles him and as he dies the bad guys warp the kitchen sink in on top of you! Devoter, Cynabal, Hawks, good grief I don't even remember now. They Web and Scram'nate you!! They put bubbles up and you think you are so dead. But then, hey this time I have exactly the right fit and I just align out and escape.

Or someone finds a WH that just drops you right into Providence and despite NEVER having time to play for extended periods on Sunday... you just happen to have time to play on Sunday. WoOt.

So don't give up hope. Hang in there. The worm eventually turns and the better prepared you are the more likely that you can take advantage of it when it does. And don't buy any wooden nickels.

And look both ways before you jump.