"You could be trapped for months!!"

With no hope of getting out. Cut off from the rest of New Eden and doomed to face the kind of rats you've only seen in your nightmares. You'll need RR to survive or the best tanked BS you can find. But, if the hole closes behind you... you could be trapped in there for months!! (oh noes!!)

Pardon me while I wax nostalgic over the early days of Wormholes.

In my opinion, nothing else has been introduced to our universe quite the same way that Wormholes were back in the Apocrypha expansion.  At that time I was still a relatively young pilot in Null Space and the rumors and miss-information and out-right falsehoods about Wormholes ran rampant. Depending on who you talked about them with, what their perspective was and who they had talked to about them, or who they'd heard, or experienced... good grief that was a fun time.

And I'm not a WH person, never have been. But I remember people packing up like they were going on an Antarctic Expedition - packing for potentially months and months of being trapped inside WH Space without hope of rescue. The stories started quickly. The pilot left with no other alternative than to suicide pod himself back into regular space. The pilots who disappeared for months only to return with vast cargo holds full of treasure. The insane Sleeper Rats and their potential for dealing death and destruction.

We heard it all. We lapped up each and every tale of daring and adventure. We were still young. Wormholes were the great destructive unknown and an extremely powerful force in New Eden at the time.

I've never lived in a WH but I've been using them since the beginning. It wasn't long before the truth finally started making itself known. Some of the rumors were true and some were just crazy talk, but WHs remain an extremely interesting and amazing addition to the universe of New Eden. From the moment I first entered one and popped out half-way across the universe until yesterday when we took a gang thru one into Providence, WHs have remained a great way to get around.

Some of the best fights and fun roams I've ever had in Eve have been based around WHs. From the people who do live in them to the places they've carried me. For that reason alone I think WHs have been the best addition to New Eden in the four years I've been playing Eve. I can't imagine the universe without them.

In some ways it is a shame some of those rumors turned out to be false. But the truth about these gateways to somewhere else is this, they are a lot of fun. Even if you do manage to get trapped in there!