Tweetfleet Thursday

I used to run a semi-regular feature called Twitter Tuesday and open the blog up to Tweetfleet members to ask me anything and I would answer the questions here during the day.

It has been awhile and I thought I'd open it up again, so this is Twitter Thursday instead - but that still works.

Any and all questions answered. So here we go.

HVAC Repairman ‏asks me "Where do babies come from?"
We do have a lot of younger players in Eve and it is entirely possible that a few of them might still be confused as to the Birds and the Bees. As a Father myself, I understand this can be a difficult and somewhat confusing subject. Not to mention how nerve wracking it can be to ask. Let me assure you Repairman, the rumors you have heard are true! Being anywhere near a yucky girl can cause pregnancy! Especially holding hands, or kissing, or holding her close. I know, I know, as yucky as that sounds some people still do it. Just ask your parents. So my advice, stay away from girls. They are nothing but trouble anyway.

raiden55 ‏asks me "What changes would you like to see on low sec ?"
There is a rather long list, but CCP continues to make improvements to the systems in which people play the game of Eve. In the end, the one thing still missing from Low Sec is the most important thing of all - Value. Low Sec needs something that you can't get anywhere else. A mineral, a moon, something that makes entering and taking risks worthwhile. Until that day, Low Sec will continue to be ignored and feared.

ConnallTara ‏asks "What!.. is your name..?"
Thank goodness you didn't ask me what my favorite color is. Or the Capital of Asteria. My name is... uh oh, does he mean Rixx or my real name?! This is harder than I thought... wait, what!?? Arrrrrrgh!!

Rees Noturana ‏asks "What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?"
Is that a European or African swallow?

whistlerbean ‏asks "Are the hats for #tweetfleet people's avatar still in production?"
Yes, of course. But it is by request only at this point. So ask and ye shall receive.

whistlerbean asks "When does the narwhal bacon?"
As any self-respecting Eskimo will tell you, the only proper answer to that question is "At Midnight".
Good thing I still stay in touch with my Eskimo pals.

Sindel Pellion ‏asks "Do you ever play eve online in your underpants?"
I have played Eve in a business suit, in pajamas, in a partial scuba, in the buff, in a Halloween costume, in a blizzard and even more than a few times in my underpants. But always under Adult Supervision.

Kasparas Jasiukenas ‏asks "Whats is better cookie or candy?"
Much like the Pie and Cake debate, the cookie or candy debate reaches back to the origins of man himself. In fact, recent paleo discoveries in Africa point to an even more distant and long forgotten origin. It appears that two tribes of early man, the Coo-Kee tribe and the Kan-Dee tribe, fought many long and bloody battles deep in the savanna's of Southern Africa. Eventually they were both destroyed by a far superior tribe from the North known as the Kav-A-Tee tribe. Science is sure interesting.

Jake Warbird ‏asks "Thoughts on Bounty Hunting 2.0?Epic win/fail?"
I think the system is pure win and looks to be amazing. But it has the potential to be a total and complete failure because I'm not convinced anyone will actually use it enough to make it worthwhile. Time will tell and I, being a Pirate and all, certainly hope it turns out to be a great thing. But I have serious doubts.

meanharri asks "Why can't people hashtag properly as explained here?"
Probably because most people are friggin' idiots. But that's just a guess.

Aiden Mourn ‏asks "Is it true that Rixx's personality is so magnetic, he can't carry credit cards?"
Everyone knows how awesome and fun to be with Rixx is, but even with such an amazingly magnetic personality he can't truly affect magnetic fields. The sad truth is, as a Pirate, Rixx doesn't qualify for credit among any of the Empire's banking institutions. Pirating is a cash only business.

Mangala Solaris ‏asks "How I shot web?"
Wow, we are dragging some old Memes around today aren't we? For anyone that isn't familiar with this one, it is actually Eve related and you can learn more here.

themittanidotcom ‏asks "Why do you think the fall of BoB was so bad for EVE?"
Just to be clear, I have never stated that the fall of BoB was bad for Eve. In fact I clearly have supported the fall of all large, power-grabbing, fun-sucking Alliances and continue to do so. The fall of BoB was an awesome time in Eve and led to some truly awesome null space play, political and otherwise. I think the fall of other large null space "groups" would also be moar fun. Do you know of any?

Dr. Dranch ‏asks "is sex better in space?"
Sadly the answer is no. Sex in space is horrible! The blood boils, there is no air to breathe, not to mention radiation, micro-meteorites and explosive decompression! Sex is much better inside the controlled environment of a space-ship or space-station, especially with the gravity systems turned off. Just be sure to bring along some Wipe-Ups, it can get pretty messy afterwards.

Snot Shot ‏asks "Coke or Pepsi?"
I'm in advertising so I've been addicted to Coke forever. Nothing brings the burn like an ice-cold Coke.

Rhavas ‏asks "How excited are you for the new safety feature?"
At first I pretty much ignored this one, because I figured I'd just set it and forget it. But now we learn that the setting won't be persistent and will need to be set each and every time you log on or undock. That is extremely annoying and I think it will be nothing but trouble for everyone eventually. I'd rather they wait on implementation, than have it in-game in this fashion.

webspaceships asks "what should I train next?"
In your case Mark726 I'd normally recommend "people skills", yours are a tad rusty. But we've discussed this issue before in private, so I won't mention it in public. That would just be wrong. So I recommend Advanced Cyno skills. As much as you travel around the universe, I'm still waiting on the call, "Hey Rixx, I just found a faction fitted Marauder ratting alone in a belt!!" Sheesh.

Tommy Rollins ‏asks "what was the toughest part of running a corp?"
I think the hardest part for a CEO is keeping your corp engaged and entertained. Boredom is the biggest enemy and those that get bored will quickly look elsewhere. So you need a core group of active players to help you, but ultimately it can come down to you and the choices you make. Everything else really stems from that one thing, you have engaged and involved players and the rest takes care of itself.

Space Noob ‏asks "in the EVE version of The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly - who would play the main three roles?"
So much of that depends on your perspective. But since you asked me the question... Chribba would play The Good, The Mittani would play The Bad and Makalu would play The Ugly. That would be one way to go. Heck of a cast. I'd pay to see that picture.

Hoarr ‏asks "which t2 ship are you most looking forward to getting a rebalance?"
Good question. As of Tuesday it is certainly the Sacrilege, even though the ship isn't changing the changes to HAMs should really make it even more awesome than it is now. But ultimately it is the entire Command Ship line that I am most looking forward to. They've needed love for a long time and with the T3 bonus changes, they should be able to finally live again. I know that isn't technically a t2 rebalance, but I think it fits into the category. Individually I still think some ships are getting short-changed in these tiericide balances, like the Ferox for example.


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