DEATHRACE 2013 Wallpaper
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The Tuskers, in association with EVEOGANDA, are pleased to announce plans for an all-new DEATHRACE to be held in March 2013!!

This DR will be bigger and badder and meaner than ever before! We plan on transversing the breadth of New Eden at ludicrous speed with thousands of pilots, gate camps, smart-bombing obstacles and god knows what else along the way! For the lucky few that survive, the rewards will be great and the honor will last eternally.

Planning is underway. More details will be announced in the coming weeks. But we are looking for sponsors and prize donations. The DR Promotional material has a lot of room for logos and we'd love to add yours! While the Tuskers are sponsoring the event and supporting it with coordination and pilot support, we need your help to make this the event of the year!

Contact Rixx Javix at if you'd be interested in donating or helping to support the event in any way. We need to get the word out and everyone can help with that mission!

More details will be coming soon, but I wanted to get this announced as soon as possible.