Mailbag: Rants of Mad Men

The names have been changed to protect and I've &*%$ bad words - but otherwise these are unedited Eve Mails I've received just this week.

"UR DEAD! Subject says it all.   I`m a CRAZY killer .. U just shot the wrong pimp!"

"Not really.  I`m just going to blow you up and then take a dump on the remains of ur ship.  Unless you give me some money"

"I`m` on ur mom so you got some ground to make up too sun.   Specially cause i stuck my finger in her &%$......  Big time ground to make up... She liked it."

"i don't want to flame on you ... i just want to know what did you gain from destroying my ship AND killing me after?"

"I wonder if your real life persona is as one-dimensional and pig ignorant as your eve one? hmm....."

"Leet moves. you have none"

"Rank Stupidity!"

"you are an idiot. and should change ur bio srsly"


You may find it hard to believe, but I generally write them back. Here are a few examples of what I say in return to these fine comments:

"I'm a Pirate, I kill all things. Nothing personal, in fact it has nothing to do with you at all. You were in a ship in a system I was in, so I destroyed you. That is how I play the game.

My advice. If you are going to fly in Low-Security space, learn to use the d-scan and be aligned. And stop using the Autopilot. Even with your ship destroyed you still should have gotten your pod out. There really is no excuse for that.

Read my blog, just yesterday I posted an entire column for young players to avoid people like me."

Sigh. I keep trying.

If you want even more fun, feel free to watch the comments on this kill.

Some real winners on that one.