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The above screen shot was taken on July 9th, 2009 in PI5-39 in Providence. That is the Rixx Javix POS. The one and only Player Owned Structure that I have ever had in Eve. It only lived for four days before it was taken down for transport to hi-sec, lost in a transport accident along the way. For which I still haven't forgiven those responsible. ( Not really, but it's more fun to say that.)

Good grief that is really starting to be a long time ago!

I think I'll start posting more of these glimpses into the past every so often.

Oh, I just found this one. Here I am turning the POS into a Deathstar. lol. Kickin' it like a Carebear!!

Click to embiggen!
If you read the comments in local on that one you can see the concern regarding "chaining" the rats... does that even still work?


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