DO NOT click to embiggen this please!!
Apparently back on June 6th, 2009 I lost my mind and became temporarily insane!! As the above "just discovered" screenshot proves, on that day I fitted a Battleship of the Line - in this case a Caldari Rokh - with mining lasers and cargo expanders and went... gulp, mining in it.

I may never recover my dignity. What? Oh yeah, right, I never had any dignity.

Somehow this entire brief episode is made all the worse by the fact that Angor Mau joined me in his mining laser enhanced Dominix.

Seriously though, we did it as a joke and this was the ONLY time it ever happened. I can still remember thinking, "I hope to God we don't get killed in these things!" Which we luckily managed to avoid. And the whole thing would've been forgotten if I hadn't just posted this.

Be gentle.

PS: Remember when Invul Fields made "halo" effects around your ship? I always liked that effect.