The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

A collection of fights from the last few weeks, some that went great, some that went badly and a few that defy explanation.

The Ugly - Hookbill vs Hookbill
In over four years of playing Eve I can't remember this happening before in a 1v1-we both exploded. I thought I had him there at the end and was surprised to see my pod. At the end of a fight that close what can you learn? Maybe I should have loaded Inferno, maybe I should have overheated the lows a tad earlier? Dunno, other than good fight.

The Good - 2 Frigates vs Tengu
Nauru and I had just chased a Vexor from a belt when I hear on comms, "Tengu pointed". Nauru, master of understatement. I warped in to find that he had indeed managed to point a Tengu with his Condor. Why not? It was a bit hairy when the Tengu switched primary to me, but the Hookbill hung tough and I managed the range to my benefit.

The Bad - Talos vs Fate
I didn't intend to fight on the Hawk on station. Seeing as he wasn't negative, but showed "red" on my overview, I intended to simply yellow box him. But just as I landed on the station my seven year old landed in the chair next to me and started asking questions. A lot of questions. Somehow, in the midst of this distraction, I shot at the Hookbill. The station didn't like that very much.

The Good - Caracal vs Navy Caracal
I spotted this Navy Caracal in a belt and re-docked to get my regular Caracal. Sure enough, he was still there. I have no idea what he thought he was doing, but I thank my lucky stars he was doing it. Yuzuki showed up at the end there to whore.

The Ugly - Caracal vs 4 Stabs
I've written about this fight already, but it is so ugly it deserves to be mentioned again.

The Bad - Daredevil vs Comet
He may have been afk. Otherwise I have no answers for why he didn't move, or do anything. It may have been shame at flying a Comet without rigs. But if you are going to go afk in a Comet, perhaps warping to a safe spot first or docking up would be a god idea.

The Good - Drake vs Phantasm and Thorax
I don't remember why my Drake was sitting at the gate, probably waiting to go into the next system or something, when these two reds jumped through and started approaching me. So I attacked them both. I managed to kill the Rax ( the other damage he had from before ) but the Phantasm was proving to be more difficult. Until help arrived. I left the fight with about 2% structure left. Whew.

The Good - Drake vs SFI and Rupture
Another time I undocked to find a SFI and a Rupture on the station. So I engaged. The SFI made a huge mistake and got up close and let me get my webs on him, the HAMS tore thru him pretty well and it wasn't long before he went boom. The Rupture was a tad more difficult, but he was committed. At some point in the fight Mister undocked to help me in his Ashimmu, but I don't even remember him being there.

The Ugly - Slasher vs Hookbill
I was hunting a Manticore who had cloaked up in a FW. I had his location and was burning for him, if he was still there, to de-cloak him and kill him. I was concentrating a lot on this task when I saw the red appear on my overview. Thinking I had de-cloaked the Manti I went into combat mode and did everything you do in such a situation, which takes what? All of 3 seconds maybe? When I looked back up at the overview I realized I had just attacked possibly the worst ship to attack with this fit. Ooops.