March Results

My playtime was a tad gimped last month. Between RL, the DeathRace, a horribly busy commission schedule and other things I wasn't able to play as much as I usually do. This did impact my stats for the previous month a little.

Last month I wondered what my favorite ship of the coming month might be, turns out it was the Comet. I didn't plan that, but the little ship became my favorite "go-to" ship this past month. I fit mine and fly it differently than just about anyone else I know. And it works great in the role I use it for. I may even write a post about it later. Or maybe not, don't want everyone doing it. lol.

March Totals:

109 kills to 29 losses
60% efficient (2.76b to 1.8b)
90 Real Kills
17 Pod Kills
38 Solo Kills
70 Top Damage
76 Final Blows
0 Industry Kills
Ranked #2,977 on BC

I did manage to keep my losses under 30 this month! So that's good news. My efficiency was horrible however, derping an expensive DD in the DeathRace certainly didn't help things. Neither did the loss of the BS. Plus this is the first month in awhile that I didn't get a truly expensive kill or two. When I did solo(with Dian) a Proteus, it turned out to be sanely fit! But overall efficiency remains at 86%, so that's good enough for me.

Ships I flew that registered a kill:

Comet (31), Sac (8), IN Slicer (8), Condor (7), Daredevil (7), Kestrel (6), Thrasher (5), Moa (4), Caracal (4), Pod? (4), Wolf (4), Dragoon (2), Corax (2), SFI (2), Hookbill (2), Abaddon (2), Tornado, Dramiel and Vexor ( 1 each).

Ships Lost:

Comet (4), Kestrel (3), Daredevil (2), Prophecy (2), Tristan (2), Corax (2), Slasher (2), Algos, Condor, Dragoon, Myrm, Dramiel, Moa, Sac, Merlin, Thrasher, Incursus, Abaddon, Hookbill (1 each).

I don't play enough to get big numbers so my strategy is the same it has always been, to maximize the play-time I do have and be very aggressive in space. I take huge risks that often result in nice wins but also come with the potential for huge losses. I have been trying to do a better job of judging my targets and planning my attacks better. Only so much you can do about that however. The other day I attacked a Jaguar in my Slicer and was killing him nicely, when 20 enemy ships landed on me! Who can predict this stuff? Good news though, I managed to get away. lol.

My solo totals were down mainly due to two factors. The DeathRace meant almost two weeks of busy work which left little time to go out flying alone. And the Tuskers are back from our excursion down in Minnie space, so the neighborhood is once more crowded with my fellow pilots. I'm glad to have them all back, but it means less targets for me to pick away at.

Oh well, let's see how April goes. I want to get my losses down to around 20 or less, while keeping the kills above 100. That is my personal goal.

Oh, another interesting thing. I've now killed 394 frigates, one more than my total of Pod kills. It's nice having a ship class be the highest. I have let off a tiny bit on the Podding, I've expanded my code a tiny bit on who and why I decide to pod someone.

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