Stay Frosty Teaser Wallpaper

Stay Frosty Wallpaper 1
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Enjoy the suppressed horror, but also the repressed sexual tension, of this elegant and tasteful cross-genre work by renowned borrower of other people's works and "re-imagineer" Rixx Javix as he lazily spent ten minutes of photoshop time between real-world assignments to bring you your next desktop wallpaper, one certain to generate strange and scornful looks from your co-workers as they once again reinforce everything they secretly think about you already.

When they do that, just turn to them smugly and say what Rixx would say, "Stay Frosty".

Ahhh, ain't it somethin' when Eve, other random genre milestones, and real life collide?

For goodness sake, join the in-game channel "EVEOGANDA" and get yer pirate ass into our new Corporation! Sheesh.


  1. It is very pretty. But what does an Alien have to do with EVE?

    1. Stay Frosty is a quote from Aliens. Plus its an attitude thing, pirates/killers/predators. k?


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