Stay Frosty Updates

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The above is just one in a series of custom wallpapers I'm creating for each of our members that donated ISK or Supplies to Stay Frosty during our first four months of operation.  We are a 0% tax ebil pirate corporation and operate on a shoe-string budget, so any help is always greatly appreciated. And when I say I appreciate something, I mean it. The above series is just one way I can show that appreciation.

As I write this we currently stand at 154 pilots in Stay Frosty. For the third month running we are the most active corporation in Verge Vendor (activity being measured by kills and losses added together for those of you headed to the comment section right now to tell me something different, please read instead of jumping to conclusions). Being active is all we measure by the way, we couldn't care less about much else. I want my members undocking and fighting, the rest will take care of itself.

I finally got around to posting a recruitment thread on the Eve Forums. We've never actively recruited anyone frankly, I write about the corp here and on tweetfleet, but that's about it. I have no membership goals or anything, I just want active pilots who are excited about fighting internet spaceships with us. It isn't complicated and so many Eve corporations tend to make it more complicated than it needs to be frankly. Don't get me wrong, there is a time and place for serious business... it's just that Stay Frosty is not it.

We are doing things a tad different and we will continue to do so, even when it doesn't make much sense to anyone else. As long as it makes sense to me and my guys, who cares what everyone else thinks?

August has been a tough month for me, family stresses, vacation, my mom's cancer, increased activity at work, a lot of stuff piled on all at once there. But it is slowly getting back to normal now.

I hope. In the meantime, Stay Frosty.


  1. I should probably not write this or just figure out how to send it privately, but I'm a fucking idiot, a member of the 'everyone else' about which nobody cares what they think, and I wasn't paying attention back when it all went down so here goes:

    I'm a fan of Rixx Javix. I've bickered some with Sully. So I'm certainly not predisposed to take his side, but I lack the 'sycophant gene' and so I almost always call it like I see it (I make an occasional exception for my old lady, but that's it.)

    The Tuskers is a dictatorship and #1 on BattleClinic. If you're going to be a Tusker I think you have to figure out how to get along with the dictator. If you don't get along with the dictator, you just don't stick around. In this case, the dictator might be an asshole, but he's an asshole who is excellent at PVP and who (not unreasonably) wants his guys to have mikes and fits that work. Might he make an exception for someone he's predisposed to like and be a little picky with someone he's predisposed to dislike? Maybe, I don't know, but if he is that's human nature imo.

    (FWIW I had my own 'last chance' moment (albeit not put QUITE so bluntly) a few months ago with a group I had flown with regularly for 3 years. I knew I wasn't going to change who I am for them, but I also recognized that I had no right to expect them to change who they are for me. So I left, without any hard feelings (at least on my side,) tears, rage, or even a good-bye.)

    Now, what's this got to do with Stay Frosty, you might ask. Well, my perception is that Stay Frosty was created in order to push The Tuskers shit in, through sheer numbers. We already have Brave Newbies and RvB if you want casual PVP with little/no strings. My perception may well be wrong, but if it's not, it's not the best reason to start a corporation imo. Maybe you're more extroverted than me, but there's nothing I dread more than going on RvB comms and listening to 100 random neckbeards prattling on about some nonsense or other.

    Anyway, that's my two cents (or here in Canada that would be rounded down to zero, since we abolished the penny.)

    1. AkJon - A well stated comment desires a well stated reply.

      You are correct on all fronts when it comes to "dictatorship" corporations, of which I have been in many. Context is also important and I joined Tuskers at a time when my RL business was going bankrupt, my in-game corp/alliance Lucifer's Hammer/Burn Away was belly up and I came within a hairs breath of quitting Eve. That's the context.

      Naturally I didn't play all that much early 2012, you can see it on my kilboard.

      Around that same time is when KaJolo retired and Sully was named officially the new CEO.

      When I started to return to the game I mainly flew solo for months, we had events to put on, the FFAs and the DeathRace. Once I really started to settle in and return full-time is when the crap started hitting the fan between us. Maybe it is as simple as two powerful personalities shouldn't be in the same corp together, I've been a CEO and I have an incredibly diverse background and lots of experience in Eve. When someone keeps hammering away at what I consider to be meaningless bs it hits me on the wrong nerve.

      As for Stay Frosty, I've been planning it since Lucifer's Hammer closed down, well over a year before the issues with Sully. I used that issues to make my points, drum up some business here on the blog and jump start the corp. Which worked extremely well. But Stay Frosty has nothing AT ALL to do with the Tuskers. Some choose to believe that and some do not, that is up to them. It doesn't change the truth.

      And yes, Brave Newbies and RvB exist, but they are nothing at all like Stay Frosty. Maybe we share some of the same general ideals, but we are not them at all. Not even close. The comms example you give would never ever happen in SF.