August 2013 in the Books

The grisly butcher's bill for August 2013 is in the books and Stay Frosty remains incredibly active. In fact, despite the CEO not playing very much, August was our most active month so far. With 1,775 kills to 899 losses we posted our best overall efficiency at 65.46%. Whatever, we don't really base anything on our killboard.

The important things are that our pilots are undocked and playing Eve. With 156 pilots now on board, we continue to grow and evolve as a Pirate Corporation. Those are the important things.

The coveted "Hicks Award" this month clearly goes to Bloody James who lead the board with 265 kills, 178 of which were solo. The Hicks Award is given out each month to the pilot that leads the total kills and total solo kills, and each month that has been a different pilot, which is also a great sign. So congratulations to Bloody James! I know he worked hard and the results are obvious. Well done mate.

For my part August was a challenging month, with vacation and all the personal challenges I faced, but I still managed to go 48-9 for the month. I think it is awesome that I didn't even make the leader boards for the first time, this is when you realize just how incredible the corporation is becoming. I don't want to be the best pilot, or the most active, in Stay Frosty. I'm very proud of our pilots and what they are doing, we have a great group that is only getting better every day.

So congratulations to the pilots of Stay Frosty. Well done.


  1. Nope, you don't base anything on your killboard... except as the basis for a corp award and half the blog post dedicated to it. :P Hint: Everyone cares about their killboard, especially the ones that say they don't.

    1. Well "care" can be defined many ways. Obviously we have few other ways to judge progress in eve, especially for pvpers. So in that sense yes, it shows activity and accomplishment. But we do not use it to judge, or base decisions on, or hold accountable. So in that sense we dont care.

    2. Thanks, I never expected to kill so much but I prefer to not continue lol. Even though I love EVE, it is very time consuming and others things more important are falling back. So, this month I need to slow down the pace.

    3. You have to find the right balance that works for you. Goodness knows Ive let Eve get out of hand before and eventually it settles down into a more long-term approach. It seems to get easier as time goes by.


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