A Really Bad Day

If I learned anything yesterday it is this: I probably shouldn't play Eve when I'm stressed about being unemployed, not feeling well, trying to build a 'from-scratch' marketing plan for a multi-million dollar company, under court-order from my decade long divorce, and otherwise stressed to the hilt.

Perhaps one doesn't think clearly under such conditions?

I had a bad day. It happens. And it ain't no thing. But, as always, I strive to be as honest as possible and talk openly about my horrible tendency towards failure from time-to-time. It ain't all a bucket of roses!

My truly horrible derp happened first thing in the morning. I had logged on to be immediately beset with the usual amount of convo invitations, Corp business and whatnot. Someone reported a Manticore running Combat Sites in the system next door. I just happened to have a Manti fit up from our Null plunge last week and undocked it. My intention was to go sit on the bookmark for a short while and see if he uncloaked. That was the plan. (The fit was specifically intended to work with other SBs and support ships btw, it wasn't a solo Manti fit by any stretch.)

I had barely landed on the site when someone mentioned a Kestrel in the next system. There were a couple of us on and I figured I'd head over and see what was happening, instead of racing back to re-ship. Mistake number one. Sure enough, the Kestrel was inside. At this point my Son has arrived at my desk and he is a major distraction. Mistake number two. I distinctly remember thinking I would follow my two corp mates into the plex, as backup or support. I had no intention of engaging the Kestrel in my Manti. Looking back I can't even tell you how or why I ended up in the plex first. I can't blame anyone but myself. Predictably this happened and the Manticore went boom. Duh. Feel free to pile on in the comments, I deserve it.

In local Star commented that I should have known better. I commented back that I did know better and, for some reason, I did it anyway. I don't know what to tell you. Total brain fart on my part.

Since I suck I decided to re-ship into a ship that I always seem to suck at, a Tristan. I don't know why, everyone else seems to do so well in them, but I still haven't managed to have much luck with it. So why not?

By this time a few of us were loosely ganged up in the usual Stay Frosty fly around and get into trouble gang of the day. I jumped into a system and there, at the gate, sat a beautiful Gnosis. I held cloak and he had probes out. He just sat there while I wished I was in a Drake instead of the Tristan. I'm telling everyone on comms to get their butts into system when he warps to the Sun! I just can't help myself and I warp after him with two of my guys right behind me. I land right smack dab on top of him, I think one of my Tristan fins scrapped some paint off his ship. This was not good news and I knew I would be dead, but I got point anyway and overheated all the things. My mates landed further away and by the time they also got points I was dead.

I burned the six jumps back to re-ship. More than likely the Gnosis would be gone by the time I got back, but a few other pilots were on their way. And according to reports he wasn't in any hurry to leave the Sun.

I picked the Navy Caracal because one of our guys was already in a Caracal, seemed like the right thing to do. It wasn't. When I returned the Gnosis had just warped off to the station. And what followed was the typical game of cat and mouse, trying to get him off station and pointed somewhere useful. Which finally worked and the other Stay Frosty pilot called point and we warped in for the kill. As usual I am spamming the d-scan on the way in and at some point towards the end of the warp, the Proteus shows up. I am so dead.


When days like this happen you just have to laugh, own it, and move on. I am a horribly distracted person right now and despite my own thoughts, it does affect my game play sometimes. I'm not perfect. And I never claimed to be so. I am determined however, so today is a new day.

The rest of the day yesterday went extremely well, even though I didn't manage to get any kills. I did but a shit-ton of ships, fly around in my SFI, get taunted in local for the SB loss, and miss out on a fun WH op a bunch of guys went on into Curse! Grrr.


  1. The other day I was planning on logging on, doing some shopping, and logging off. I am in Stacmon, this is how local goes:
    Some Guy> Gate camp in Ost
    Me> What is it?
    Some Guy> Pirates
    Me> That's helpful
    Some other guy> I just came though, and nothing was there

    For some reason I decide I want to take a look, so I hop in a MWD Atron, and plan on jumping in, and doing a quick burn back to gate, cause that seemed like a good idea at the time. Instalock camp... oh, and I was in a 200m isk clone. All around solid decision making.

  2. Nothing wrong with losing a bomber to a kestral, derps happen all the time, but I don't get the need for all the excuses and not just manning up and saying gf.


    1. I said gf in local to the actual pilot involved. I always do. I also try to convo my victims and suggest improvements to their game and give advice.

      If you think anything written above is an "excuse" then you really don't know wtf you are talking about.

    2. I bet there weren't any suggestions this time around, heh. :)

    3. Shite Happens, and, I have to admit, I find a very strange comfort in knowing that others have piss poor days, just like I do. From a soloer's perspective (I fight in fleets as well... promise) I have days with 10+ kill streaks, and then I have days where I am padding another's kill streak. Maybe all of this is some foreboding sign as to what is to come with the warp changes....

  3. Probably just misinterpreted the first paragraph, to me it reads like a disclaimer for everything that comes after. You also have posted about how your cat killed your dram and the good bad and ugly series is full of them too, so following that history it's easy to jump to the conclusion (false though it may be) that this post is an excuse for a derped ship.

    It just seems to be a trend that people can't give credit to someone else with out having some kind of an excuse as to why that person doesn't actually deserve credit after all. Don't worry it's not just you, lot's of people do it just read killboard comments.

    Don't get me wrong, it's still an entertaining story.

    1. What "credit" is the killer missing out on? I gave a gf in local, we chatted and joked, I posted his kill on my blog (which gets a lot of visitors), I even tweeted his kill after it happened.

      Curious how much more credit he deserves?

  4. I commented in the other thread before I read this.

    My guess is that Rixx went in to lend assistance to a corpmate who was losing a fight. No shame in that if it wasn't an arranged 1v1 (which noone is claiming it was.) That he wasn't in an optimal ship for it is quite secondary, if it's a frigate fight timeliness>optimal hull.

    Obviously you wouldn't ordinarily choose to fight a kestrel in a stealth bomber, but if a corpie needs help and you have a couple more corpies a few seconds behind you, I think most people would do what Rixx did. Get in there and try to help.

    I do think the excuses take away from the story a bit, but it is what it is.

  5. I don't make excuses and I won't start. However, to set up the story with what is actually going on in real life adds color in my humble opinion. Does nothing from the outside world affect anyone else's game? I doubt it. It is never an excuse for what happens in-game, but it can be a contributing factor.

    My head wasn't in the game yesterday. It happens. That is on me, it isn't on anyone else. But I'd be a poor story-teller if I stuck to the same old undock, shoot, explode, repeat cycle.

    But then again, maybe that's just me. Oh wait, isn't this my blog? Oh yeah.

    1. tbh would have been a better story if u left out the rl stuff an stuck 2 the ingame adventure because that was funny but the way it is now it looks like u only lost because of rl and if rl was better ud have 1

    2. Well then you are an idiot. I recommend you fit up some Manticores and get a buddy to fit up some Kestrels and then try it out yourself about 10 times. Feel free to report back on how many of those engagements your Manticore won.

    3. Random Anonymous commentor, you could easily make a profile, then comment, people might know who you are, you could also start your own blog and show the world just how awesome, a good blogger is. Or maybe you do have a blog, about mining and ship building, and you are mad you do not lose ships to RL distractions, or to anything at all really.

  6. http://shadowcartel.com/kb/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=77078

    I saw that loss there yesterday. Somebody writes "inb4 tinfoil-blog". I open you blog the next morning, and sure enough there's a blog post making excuses about why you are not at the top of your game. lol

    You undocked, got into a fight, made a few bad decisions and exploded. We all do, that's really no big deal. The bad thing would've been not to undock.

    The thing is, with comments like "oh I'm not feeling well today, oh my son just happened to burst in at the worst moment, oh my cat jumped on my head ... etc.", you sound mad and unwilling to just accept defeat gracefully.

    My two cents.

    1. Wow, you mean I write about things AS THEY HAPPEN?!?! Good Lord! What the hell am I doing?!?

    2. Nah it's just that you have a RL excuse each time you get an embarassing loss.

      Once again, it's not necessary, we all have that kind of losses.

    3. Not true at all. I had an embarrassing loss yesterday that had nothing to do with RL. I just derped myself for no reason at all. Try selling your obvious troll grind somewhere else my friend. It doesn't hold water here.

  7. RL and EvE go hand in hand. I read a lot of blogs and I generally care what happens to the bloggers in RL. Especially with all the Eve Vegas shinnanigans.

    I am currently sat at the desk waiting for downtime to finish in which then I will log in. I also have a stinking cold which is the reason I am not at work. If I lose a shiny ship then that is a case of RL effecting Eve life, especially if don't stop sneezing hehe.

    So keep it up Rixx. It is good to see some of these bloggers are human after all.

    1. Thank you for being an actual real human being. I honestly don't mind being trolled, but these agenda grinders get annoying after awhile. Thank you for commenting and I hope your cold gets better.

  8. This is are report on all excuse at all said. lol. ~Steven

  9. Hey Rixx-
    one of my Corpmates directed me to here-i was the Gnosis/Proteus pilot.
    I lost a Gnosis yesterday pulling same kind of stunts-instead of jumping my other Chars. through the gate after i had dropped the Gnosis on top of 4 BCs i sent them on a 90au warp to the wrong gate...the Gnosis died alone horribly.....is only after you have a disaster that you realise that maybe shouldnt have logged in today!
    Anyway-i like the blog-will follow-g'luck and yeah....Gnosis' bumbling around are best avoided =)


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