Let's Bust some Myths

Things tend to accumulate, in life and in Eve, often leaving a long string of stories trailing behind us that can be confusing, misleading and just plain wrong. Sometimes these stories take on the mantle of "myth", superseding common sense and elevating themselves into common truth.

The same is true here on the 'ol Eveoganda and our trained staff of monkeys has been pouring over the posts, comments and history to pull out some of the better nuggets for me to address here this morning. For your illumination, rumination and - perhaps - ruination. In other words, let's get started.

MYTH: Rixx is angry/mad/upset/pissed off about being kicked from the Tuskers.

This sentiment seems rather rampant and couldn't be further from the truth. Think about this with me for a second, ok? How could I be angry when I got exactly what I wanted? Since the day I had to close Lucifer's Hammer I've been planning to start a new pirate corporation, you can read me saying exactly that in about a dozen different places in the archives. (Look it up, I often come right out and tell people my plans, but they rarely seem to notice.) It is true that the actual event happened about a month sooner than I expected, but being kicked from the Tuskers was a friggin' gift horse. Imagine how boring it would have been if I had just quietly left instead?

That fact in no way invalidates the stupid list of reasons for why I was kicked, which are still rather lame in my opinion. But whatever.

MYTH: Rixx is STILL angry and bitter about it?

That was six months ago. In that time Stay Frosty has grown from one new member to about 130, including many prominent bloggers, personalities, alts of famous people, and a great core group of exceptional pilots, including many who are trying out low sec combat for the first time. Heck we even have two TMC reporters in our roster, you know, the same TMC that I once said was ruining the Eve Community? Does that sound like a guy who carries bitterness around with him?

What people often confuse for "bitterness" is actually pragmatic team building. In American Football we call this the "Rivalry Game" and I'm betting European Football has its share of it as well. We live in the exact same system as the Tuskers, so naturally they are our Rivalry Game. On University campuses you'll often see the rivals burned in effigy, mocked, teased and otherwise poked at in order to pump-up the home team. With me so far? No? I am the CEO of Stay Frosty and I am their greatest cheerleader. You made me say it.

MYTH: Rixx is a liar.

This one is hard to bust. You only have my word on it and it can be almost impossible to prove. I don't feel the need to "prove" my truthfulness simply because there is no Governing Committee of Blog Truthfulness that I am aware of. I can only point back at over four years of faithful, almost daily, blogging and advocacy, at event creation, at holding donated assets (over 50b in total, every last cent of which was just given away!), helping the community, providing advice, artwork, and support and say, "well?". If that ain't good enough for you, then you obviously have another agenda in my opinion.

I freely admit that the "truth" I write about is heavily tinged by my own personal perspective, agenda and goals. Just like all truth by the way. If you haven't learned that life lesson yet, then it is about time you did. Wake up.

[And for those four pilots, you know who you are, combining three convos into one is not lying. I wish I still had the originals but I don't, because I didn't care enough to save them! That is exactly how insignificant it was.]

MYTH: Rixx creates the news.

Ok this one is kinda true. Let me try to explain. The other night I was talking to one of our Directors who was going through a rough patch and they asked me a simple question, "Why does this stuff seem to be happening to me?" My answer was also simple, because that is the kind of player you are. In fact, we are a lot alike. There are players that have spent their entire careers with one Corporation, or in one corner of New Eden, or doing one job, or otherwise blending into the scenery. Nothing wrong with that, in fact I applaud them. But there are other players, like the Director and myself, for whom things happen. Over and over again.

By our very nature we are complicit in this, because we refuse to settle, we challenge, we incite, we ask questions and we act. This blog didn't create me, I created this blog to record my adventures. I was having those adventures before the blog. Things happen to me and I freely admit that I am often complicit in them.

For example. I could have easily just wandered off after I left the Tuskers, goodness knows I had enough offers ( and thanks again!) but I didn't. Not only did I create a new corporation, but I planted it right across the street from my old one. Fully aware of what that meant. So yeah, in a way, I do create my own news. Sue me.

MYTH: Rixx has it in for Sully.

Take a look at this link. I'll wait.

That was something that happened FIVE years ago. Did I personally know Aralis? Nope. I mocked him because he was the head of CVA. That's what we do. And for all of that, if I met the guy in a bar I'd buy him a drink. This is a game people. If Sully and I ever do meet someday, I'd buy him a drink also. Swap stories, laugh about Eve, get really drunk and then abandon him in a dark alley somewhere. Just kidding, sheesh you people need to lighten up.

He is the dictator of the corporation in the other station. Y'know the one that has us War Decc'd, station camped, ECM'd, insta-locked?! That one? Yeah.

I said it again yesterday, all we care about is good fights. That is all it really comes down to. BUT, and this is a big BUT. If the above continues then I will continue to mock, I have a long history of doing that right here on this blog and I see no reason to stop now. It's fun. It gives birth to some great creativity. And it keeps things interesting.

My loving wife, who recently started reading Eveoganda, pointed something out to me the other day. She noticed that after I cause some kind of stir I tend to follow it up with yet another post about how this is my blog,  I can say what I want, you people don't understand, something along those lines. It is true. You seem continually amazed by the goings on here, when they've been going on for over four years now. I haven't changed.

And I ain't gonna.


  1. Man, you are really pissed about this whole Tusker thing. And Sulei is a nice guy. Stop lying so much.

  2. "Not that it will matter to anyone, but this is the last time I will ever mention the name of that other corporation on this blog. No matter what happens down the road, their name will never be spoken here again."

    LOL No Rixx, you're obviously not butthurt at all.

    1. So, they live in the same system, they've war decc'd us, they camp us in, they use ECM, they dishonor 1v1s admittedly, and I should somehow not mention any of this? So that I don't appear butthurt? How does that make any sense to anyone.

    2. the few old tuskers left gotta try to hold onto something rixx, and they dont appricaite the truth of what has happened to their once proud corp. They dont want to admit they are going the way of VETO and fading into history. At least VETO did it gracefully without dishonoring everything it once was.

    3. "they dishonor 1v1s admittedly" what? the only person that's said we dishonor 1v1's is you, even your pilot that got "dishonored" said it wasn't a 1v1.

      The funny thing is that had you just not been an ass we would still be having good fights instead of war deccing, camping, and ECMing your guys. Oh well, you'll keep not being angry/mad/upset/pissed by making posts that you're not and not mentioning us anymore, we'll keep with collecting frosty killmails. It's a win win.

    4. That's awesome. I love the re-writing of history and the sheer amount of anger present in your comment. And I'm the one who is supposed to be angry? lolz

    5. Angry, not really, just like you aren't.

      It's entertaining, unstoppable force meets immovable object type scenario we've got going on here, you'll never change and neither will The Tuskers. Will there be a victor, most likely not, but this is the kind of thing that makes EVE such a great game, and why I've stuck around as long as I have.

    6. Wow, surprisingly good answer. There is hope.

  3. "all we care about is good fights"

    You need to actually undock to get those Tbh, in the beginning your corp wasnt that bad, they put life into hev and while some idiots liked to blob and use ecm (i.e you, and upon losing like a noob trying to never fight again) they were up for a fight. Sure you guys were bad (but better then now) and you blobbed a lot (understandably, as its a noob corp) but you werent afraid of fighting and you had a few nice guys and apart from you no douches. Nowadays you are never up for a fight,smacktalk all day long, dont undock unless you got incredible odds on your side and have turned into a corp of idiots (with a few exceptions). The reason the tuskers camp (and you are the only corp in the whole game that is actually been camped by the tuskers) you guys in is for once because no one likes you (personally) and more importantly because its the only way to get a fight out of stay frosty.

    Id also like to point out that even if you had been kicked unjustly (you werent) these kind of blogposts show clearly that kicking you was the right decision.

    Grow up.

    1. Nice to see you crawl out of the gutter again Wolf, always a treat.

      Yep, no one likes me. I am a sad, pathetic example. I sure have learned my lesson.

      We are a corp of idiots, terrible pilots, sucky ass noobs and malcontented blobbers, our killboard clearly shows that. Heck, most of our kills have 10 or 12 people on 'em, not to mention ECM and stuff. Any idiot can see that? LOLZ. You aren't making a very good argument m8. The evidence is against you and still you rail on and on. If we are so terrible why pay any attention?

      Although we do agree on something, kicking me was the right decision. Thanks.

    2. "We are a corp of idiots, terrible pilots, sucky ass noobs and malcontented blobbers,"

      Bar a few expcetions, yes.

    3. Take a moment from your studies and look up the word "sarcasm", I know its a big scary word, but trust me - it'll be worth it.

    4. You arent very smart are you?

    5. Wow anonymous commenter on the internets, you got me.

  4. "There are players that have spent their entire careers with one Corporation, or in one corner of New Eden, or doing one job, or otherwise blending into the scenery."

    from a neutral point of view: Maybe you do the same now for the last half year and it would fit better to your style to explore a new lowsec corner? There are so many nice lowsec regions with a lot of action aswell (check dotlan)

    best regards from another lowsecer, faaaar far away in another corner ^^

    1. No insult intended m8, I've been all over New Eden, my map is full of yellow and red dots.

    2. tbh about 50% of stay frosty never comes to hev. we live there in loose terms as we are all freethinking ebil space pirates. But sometimes lone wolves enjoy running with a pack and thats what we provide in hev.

    3. Just me mostly, keeping certain people pissed off at me. lol

  5. funny how the tuskers run from even numbers when they have ecm and now accuse us of not undocking........man i wish i could be that fuckin leet. But really we could give a fuck less about tuskers. TBH i dont think we give a fuck about anyone. this is really all about sullys BS. we know it. Its not our corp thats hemorrhaging members because we dont even follow our own code. stay frosty. enjoy the shadow of the elite pirate corp you are now in. WHERE IS TAWA?!?!?!??!!?! TAAAWWWWAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dang look at that slope: http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/The_Tuskers

    1. http://evemaps.dotlan.net/corp/Stay_Frosty. and that looks like crap tbh.

    2. To be fair that was due to a purge of inactive members (i.e. no login over 3 months)

  7. That's a lot of words to say you're not mad.

  8. I come here when I feel lonely and need a good laugh.

  9. You were mad, though. At one point. Do you mention that? Or admit to it? You were genuinely mad when you were first kicked from Tuskers. I don't think you could legit deny that.

    You may be over the whole Tuskers thing, but you still have some revenge in your heart. And revenge requires a tad bit of mad to keep it fueled.

    1. It is, of course, a tad more complicated than that. I was actually never "mad" about not being in the Tuskers. I was angry about the way it was done and the reasons given for doing it, which is a slightly different beast. The frustrations resulted from having no recourse, which is normal in a dictatorship model, and for being constantly under scrutiny for slights that were honestly, extremely slight.

      It is often forgotten in the mix of the blame game that I actually walked cleanly away from the Corp and resigned. For the first eight hours or so I hadn't been kicked, I had resigned on the forums. Quietly.

      What happened next was what changed things. About a dozen Tuskers in total, whose names I will never reveal, convo'd me or emailed me. These pilots did not believe I should leave and that the reasons given for my departure where silly. They convinced me to revoke my resignation and demand the return of my roles. Which I did.

      That action is the true source of the acrimony involved in my departure. And the true story that few people are willing to deal with. I stayed to fight for my Corp mates and what I thought was right.

      And none of that was being blogged about at the time.

    2. "Quietly"
      LOL, when have you done anything quietly

  10. I'm bored articles about when the Tusker's kicked you. I'll check your blog again in a few months.

  11. I've been watching this one from the sidelines (got to satisfy my Eve fix somehow!) and I think it's interesting how things have played out. Back when I was around Hev I would have liked to have seen Frosty and the Tuskers become the sort of friendly ~goodfights~ type neighbours that I was used to from places like Syndicate and elsewhere, but I know from our chats that it wasn't an idea you were too keen on. I can understand that, and neither were they, to be fair - the well was already poisoned from the drama surrounding you leaving, so nobody was too eager to be friends.

    I have to say though that I'm surprised not only that this is still going, but also at just how much hostility is involved. I think your analogy with football is interesting, although it doesn't quite hold true - football fans might get a bit carried away, but the teams (at least in their official capacity) tend to enjoy a more professional rivaly. Certainly if I saw the manager of a football team posting biweekly accusations into the character and conduct of his local rivals (justified or not) I'd think that was a little unusual!

    What it actually does remind me of is politics, particularly US politics (I'll let you decide which side is which)! You've got two sides who're broadly speaking pretty similar, but who both absolutely refuse to cooperate and spend most of their time trying to make the other side look bad so that they, by proxy, can look good. Of course politics works that way for a reason - it's much easier to motivate people to vote *against* someone else than it is to motivate them to vote for you. After all, the latter involves selling something that's probably not as unique and special as you want them to think! Is that kind of model a good way to play a game though? I don't know... For me it falls under the category of 'more headaches than it's worth', but if it works for you guys (on both sides) then more power to you!

    Geez, that's a lot of words. Maybe I should start a blog! ;)

    1. You should start a blog, I bet it'd be great.

      Seriously though, the political analogy might be more accurate but it isn't exactly how I see it. And neither is the football one, of course analogies tend to break down after the first pass anyway.

      Ultimately I am at a severe disadvantage and have been building a new corporation from scratch, while our next door neighbors have all the advantages. Time, history, experience, resources, pretty much in any way possible. My goal was clear from the very beginning and I think we've managed to do a damn good job in putting it all together. We are young and our fire burns brightly and more intense perhaps, so channeling that energy is my primary goal. Everything we do on my side of the street is for the first time.We had a rather steep hill to climb and I think that is something that few people seem willing to recognize.

      4 months and 29 days. 130+ pilots. Infrastructure. Supply chains. Income. Manufacturing. Support. Logistics. Multiple offices. All from scratch.

      In the meantime we've been constantly station camped, gate camped, War Decc'd twice, ECM'd, blobbed and otherwise treated like second class citizens. And they are still amazed, insulted and astonished when I mention it here? On the same blog I had before I became a Tusker and the same one I have afterwards?

      I respect you. But there are two sides to every story. And as long as your friends continue to act like that in local, then I'll keep reporting it here in my own special way.

    2. Sure you were at a disadvantage, and you have done a great job getting Stay Frosty up and running. It is a fine corp too, I don't think many Tuskers will disagree. For a while we were even friendly, having good fights and such, most of us really enjoyed having you guys in system too (being able to undock and get a fight right away is a good thing).

      Did you actually think that would last with your incessant taunting, where you looking out for your corpmates then?

      Poking your more established neighbor with a stick is always a good idea when your just starting from scratch, especially when that neighbor is The Tuskers.

    3. That is the exact kind of elitist bullshit that got us into this mess. We just want good fights and that isn't good enough for you guys. We dont camp your station, or war dec your corp. So take that bull somewhere else and try to sell it. Until you guys stop with the crap this will continue, we aren't going anywhere, so get used to it.

    4. Call it what you want, elitist, douchbaggery, or whatever.
      The truth is that the good fights were good enough for us, in fact most of us loved your corp for giving the good fights.
      But you had to keep taunting us didn't you, that's what this mess is about, it's not about a 1v1, pocos, good fights, or living in the same system.
      If all you really wanted was good fight then why antagonize us like that?
      Did you really not expect us to do anything?

    5. Yep everything was coming up roses until you guys dishonored that 1v1 and I had the audacity to mention it. Gottcha. All my fault.

  12. I don't buy Azual's metaphor either. Here are some better metaphors.

    Rixx is Aaron & Hevrice is UF-KKH

    The Tuskers are America and Stay Frosty is Canada.


  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. Ok, let’s fuel this monster a little bit more … lol.

    To answer you Azual, yeah the situation is looking more and more like a game of politics. I do not believe our side is getting that much enjoyment of it though (and I don’t know about the Frosties). From my point of view, that “Rixx issue” is more of a cross to bear for the Tuskers; we know it won’t get away anytime soon, so well … too bad.


    You might be surprised Rixx, but there was actually a large amount of goodwill and even excitement on our forums when you created ST-FR. The idea of having more pirates and PvP enthusiasts around looked like a good opportunity for more good fights and/or support to take down larger targets. The general consensus was that you would be bitter and vocal angainst the Tuskers for a little while, then we could get some kind of “frenemy” relationship like we have with Shadow Cartel.

    Trouble is, you didn’t really get less bitter and vocal; we are still dealing with passive-aggressive blog posts every other day (to be fair, I takes two to tango and our side also fuelled the negative outlook we have between each corp). That itself isn’t a big deal, but it did lead to a situation where two corps live in the same system and are less and less inclined to participate in good fights or to cooperate.

    So, from our point of view, we are dealing with a corp who does not want to provide good fights or assistance (granted, we are not providing neither of those either). But more importantly, from my point of view; our system is more crowded and there is less prey for all of us (with no more good fights to compensate). Since the bridges have been burned, the result is a more serious conflict in and around Hevrice.

    That being said, it is good to remember that, at the end of the day, we are only a bunch of dudes playing with fake spaceships. We are having our little war and cheap shots back and forth, but we shouldn’t take ourselves too seriously. I’ve had many good conversations and good solo engagement with most ST-FR members I encountered; I’d probably be happy to have a beer with (most) of the people around here. Our micro cold war may end at some point or it might not; frankly it’s not a big deal either way.

    P.S. Rixx, I do hope that you will find some peace along the way, because I genuinely enjoy some of your other EVE-related blog posts.

  15. FFS someone ask for a frig 1v1 in local, undock and have said fight, break the ice and stop acting like school kids, it's really not that hard.


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