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Next Sunday the 26th from 16-22:00 the skies of Low Sec will resound with the sound of exploding Frigates (and then Destroyers later on), as the Stay Frosty Frigate Free for All gets underway.

We've been extremely busy organizing and building and moving assets across the universe and getting everything ready. This Wednesday we will be announcing the prizes, getting the event killboard up and running, all while furiously fitting up about 4,000 Frigates to hand out during the event.

This event is for fun. T1 Frigates that can be flown by anyone, young or old. Feel free to bring your own especially fitted ships or feel free to ask for a Free one in station. Either way the rules will be enforced and provide plenty of awesome kills for our security fleet. This is Eve after all.

The event page is here, so be sure to bookmark it. But tomorrow I'll be opening a thread on Eve Forums as well as posting all the information over on StayFrostyEve.com

I want to say a special thanks to all of those that have stepped up to donate prizes and ISK over the past couple of weeks. Thank you!! It isn't too late to donate and a full list of sponsors will be added to the pages of information this week. You guys are so important and you are helping a poor pirate group put on this event, without you this could never happen, so sincere thanks.

Special thanks also to our Stay Frosty members (especially Gwen!) who actually built 6,000+ Frigates for us to explode. And Oma and Draiv for helping an old-pirate with the logistics involved with securing 1.5b in m0 mods! Sheesh.

Anyway, lots more to do. So mark your calendars and be there or be square.

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