Location & Prizes

The FFA will take place this Sunday from 16:00 - 22:00 UTC in the system of Jovainnon, which should come as no surprise since the last three FFAs also took place there.

The reasons are simple, Jov is next door to our home in Hevrice, but it is also perfectly located next to several hi-sec entrances. Only two or three jumps in three different directions is hi-sec. The other good thing about Jov is that, except for Patrick Kasper, no one lives in Jov. So we aren't treading on anyone's toes by taking over the system. (But Patrick says he might be fishing on Sunday, so we should be ok.)

So see you in Jov on Sunday for insanity laden Frigate fights and lots of surprises!


Top Killer
The pilot with the most registered kills on the event killboard.
Your Carrier of choice + 250m ISK. In addition you will also receive a Dark Blood EM Plate and an Astero.

Second Killer
The pilot with the second most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive a T2 Cruiser of your choice, a Gnosis, a Vigilant, 3x Comet + 100m ISK.

Third Place Killer
The pilot with the third most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive an Ishtar, 3x Comet + 50m ISK.

Fourth Place
The pilot with the fourth most registered kills on the event killboard.
Will receive a Dominix Navy Issue, 5x Hookbills, 1x Nemesis.

The first 100 Pilots to lose a ship
Each pilot will receive an Inherent Implants 'Yeti' Ice Harvesting IH-1001.

Nightmare Kill
The 15 top damage dealers on my Nightmare will each receive either a Standard or Improved booster. Boosters will be randomly contracted.

Secret Corpses
If you find one of the many "secret corpses" inside one of the free frigates you will win 50m ISK on the spot. Corpses must be named and match the list to be eligible and most be named in public chat.

Punisher Kills
The pilot with the most killing blows in a Punisher will receive 500x Punisher hulls.
In addition, 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 16:00 - 16:05, and 100m ISK will be divided among those that get a killing blow between 18:00 -18:05.

Venture Kills
The pilot that registers the most kills with a Venture will receive 1x Shadow Serpentis Warp Scram, and 1x Sisters Expanded Probe Launcher with 12 of each sisters probe (core and combat).

Venture Kills Part 2
The pilot that registers the most Venture KILLS will receive 5x Dramiels.

Late Bloomer
The first pilot to explode a Comet after 20:00 will receive 5x Comets.

From 20-22:00, the pilot with the most killing blows in a Firetail will receive 20x Firetails!

In addition we are holding several other prizes in secret to be awarded for special and unique events that may or may not happen during the event. This doesn't have to make sense. All prizes are subject to change without notice and each has its own special qualifications, winners will be notified as soon as humanly possible within 7-10 of the event. All prizes will be contracted to the winning pilot in a major trade hub when possible. All eligible killmails most be posted to the event killboard for eligibility. Details will be given on the day of the event. This event is sponsored by Stay Frosty and we are entirely responsible for awarding prizes, all decisions are final.

Stay Frosty and see you all on Sunday.


  1. Contest is void in Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, Rancer and the Province of Quebec

    1. Prizes may be subject to local taxes in New Jersey, New Caledonia, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick, and VFK-IV.

  2. Just to be crystal clear... With times as "between X and Y", do you include X and Y also? And in "after Z"?

    1. The event officially starts at 16:00 UTC and ends at 22:00 UTC. Anything before or after those times is the providence of those engaged and not part of the event itself.

  3. Will the free frigs be given out in the event system, or in your home system?
    So that I know where to put mine.


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