Let's Review Shall We?

There are a lot of new people in Eve these days, or people that might not be avid readers of this magazine (!!) or otherwise remain unaware of the horrible string of bad decisions I've made that continue to ruin all of Eve for everyone.

So, I thought, why don't we review those together and see just how bad, terrible and fail I really am. You long-time readers already know these things about me, but maybe you'll enjoy them also.

The recent spat of horribleness seems to have started around the time I undocked alone from one station in Hevrice - recently divorced from New Eden's #1 ranked pirate corporation - and boated alone over to the other station in Hevrice. (According to some reports with my tail firmly between my legs.)

I had this utterly wacky idea I'd been working on for almost a year, this crazy notion that maybe Eve was teaming with people like me - people that wanted to "play" Eve and not be played by Eve. Y'know, crazy thought. So I planted my flag and decided to see what horrible, failed decisions I could make to ruin all of Eve. Like usual. I was warned over and over again by my friends in local that it would never, ever work. That basing anything in Hevrice "would ruin it" and I should move somewhere else. Did I listen? Of course not. I'm an idiot remember.

And then a couple of people showed up. And then a few more. We had a rocky start, no doubt about that. Those friends in local kept camping our station, the gates, picking off easy pickings and generally telling us we'd fail. Over and over again. In response we just kept undocking and playing, which only served to confuse everyone even more. In response I picked a few bright lights in the group and gave them responsibilities!! I mean, how terrible was that idea. No prior experience?

As one Director wrote here on the blog in a guest post, "It was through Stay Frosty's acceptance to new players and the guidance I've received that any of this happened. Whilst I can sometimes feel down when The Tuskers are cruel to me in local, or when I am simply outplayed by another pilot. I do not regret a minute of my playtime in EVE and within the corporation. So, thank you Stay Frosty. -AM, Guest Post"

We survived wars. We survived awoxings, corp theft, blue on blue shootings, forum trolls, recruitment spam, you name it. And, as predicted by everyone... I mean, uh, as predicted by no one - we grew to almost 200 pilots. (So far, still room for you!!)

If you haven't picked up on it yet, I am being horribly sarcastic.

So, let's review shall we?

Lone idiot leaves and starts his own thing in neighboring station. Thing works out EXACTLY as he planned. How is that even possible? It is possible because nothing has changed in the months since. I still believe that there are plenty of people that want to "play" Eve and not be played by it. I still believe in the original, un-changed mission of Stay Frosty. No one person, no other corporation, no war, no threat, no idiots, are going to change that idea.

• Stay Frosty is not intended to be, nor will it ever be, a normal corporation.

• Our focus is on Solo and Small Gang PvP.

• Every member has a say in Stay Frosty. Even if they decide that we need POCOs in High-Sec for some damn reason, we support them.

• Our only rules are to honor agreed upon 1v1s and ransoms.

• We believe in Corp First. Your mates come first.

• Everyone is free to do whatever the Hell they want, fly whatever they want and generally act in any manner or pursue any play-style they want.

• We don't give a rats ass about killboard efficiency.

• If you leave on good terms, you are always welcome to return.

• Making ISK is not a Corp priority. All ISK is for the Corp.

• We strive to promote good fights in all we do. To that end we pursue large scale events, promote ourselves and encourage others.

• We are not your parents.

In a larger sense, Stay Frosty strives to be the greatest collection of horribleness, give no fuck miscreant misfits in all of New Eden.

It seems to be working so far.

What will happen next?

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  1. Love your blog, your attitude, and after reading this, your corporation!