NEO Tournament Time

I haven't talked much about it here on EVEOGANDA, but the past month (post-FFA) has been mostly taken up by preparations for the New Eden Open.

Yes, Stay Frosty has a team in the tournament. Which starts tomorrow. Our first match is at 18:20 and we face off against Gerodian. 'nuff said about the details.

In true Stay Frosty fashion our prep and practice time has been nutty and rife with scheduling issues. One of our pilots had to be removed due to his own personal issues with honor and loyalty, and another was in an accident and is still in the hospital. It wouldn't be Eve without problems, conflicts and challenges. But it remains my belief that such things are what bring people together. And hopefully it helps to forge the kind of bonds that last for years and years to come.

And while we'd all like to do well in the Tournament, for us it is about more than winning or losing. For a corporation still less than a year old, growing, changing, evolving the way Stay Frosty has - it is truly more about building a corporation than anything else. The wars, the FFA, and this Tournament represent opportunities for us. Goals to strive for, and actual game-play to develop.

For me the focus is on Stay Frosty. It always has been. It is extremely challenging to bring almost 200 pilots together from all corners of the Eve universe and expect it to work flawlessly. I never expected it to work flawlessly. In fact, chaos and insanity were part of my plan from the very beginning. It is in-grained in the very DNA of our corporation and what we hope to achieve. This is a rather sticky point that not everyone who has joined our merry band of misfits has understood. We are not normal. We never will be.

And so we are as ready for tomorrow as we can be. We've practiced. We've prepared. We've spent hours fitting our ships, getting our doctrines in order. And thinking. Lots of thinking.

We debated showing up in Battle Ventures. And we still might. I'm not telling you.

Let's see what happens.