A Funny Thing Happened While Mining

Beirut and Masaaq cold-cocked a Retriever in the nearby high-sec system of Usi the other day. Yes, they are very bad boys. Here is the killmail. They also managed to grab his pod.

Normal enough stuff. Mining in systems right next to a known Pirate HQ is dangerous work. One would think people would be aligned, checking d-scan, the usual things. But some people get mad.

bad move
Sent: 2014.06.20 14:39
To: Beirut Papa, Caitlin Kittredge, CPTRINGO, Masaaq, 

You guys screwed up. See this is my ALT who does my mining. Me, I'm a military director of a Corp that's about to become an Alliance Kill: LTC RINGO (Retriever) 

So replace the ISK all is forgiven, if not I will place bounties for my guys to kill you every time the see you. 

Your choice

Especially when you are the "Military Director" of a Corp that is just about to become an Alliance.  Oooh.

News flash, we actually WANT your guys to try to kill us every time they see us. Secondly, bounties are fun for us. They are a waste of ISK since they are usually spent in a few hours of normal play for us. Since we are all primarily negative, you can shoot us even without bounties. Please do.

Secondly, please war dec us. Why not? That is exactly what we want you to do. I have 300+ mouths to feed PvP with. That is a lot of mouths to feed. More is better. In fact, bring the whole Alliance along with you. We live in Ishomilken and it is a very nice place. Lots of belts to mine.

Seriously. Think before you send angry emails of revenge. This has become quite the thread on our forums and eve mails.

And now on this blog for all to see.


  1. The only problem is people rarely do what they say or else it be far more fun. I really think they should come and hunt us down as we deserve.

    1. We did come, you guys stayed docked!! Guess ganking miners is all you can do!!


  2. Isn't Lucifer's Hammer a high-sec industrial corp? That's probably why a war dec seems like such a good idea. Especially with all your PvPers with negative standings. They don't ever need to leave high sec to hit your alliance, which means no PvP for Stay Frosty pilots unless you have PvP alts with good security standings.

    1. Well it wouldn't be our first War Dec and Lucifer's has proven to be hard to find and kill before, so not overly worried. Plus we have our fair share of pilots who can bump up to go hunt in high if need be.

    2. We'll be in ISH around 1400 EVE TIME. Why don't you guys undock this time and PVP us versus ganking miners in HIGH SEC!! Or refund my ISK. Just do one or the other..... Or maybe just blogging about EVE is your thing.

      more tears to follow

    3. You seem to be ignorant of a few facts that may help:

      1) We never refund anything.

      2) We rarely gank miners in HS unless we are bored. Most of us are negative sec status for a reason.

      3) We only fight on our terms, not on anyone else's terms.

      4) We are a solo and small gang Alliance, so we rarely engage blobs or linked fleets. If you want to fight that way, more power to you, Null sec is a few jumps in that direction.

      5) I'm on everyday and when I am on I am in space 99% of the time.

    4. Actually, its you that are ignorant of a few facts and let me help you:

      1) I don't want the ISK back, I want your wrecks and corpses (we have a many already)
      2) You guys only GANK! I've seen your KB
      3) see #2, you only GANK, that's not PVP
      4) We aren't small, so next time you post a blog think first
      5) You may be on but you're not in space. We've come by every day twice a day and you guys are docked.


    5. 1) "Or refund my ISK"
      2) 87% of our kills are SOLO. Don't do drugs!
      3) 87% of our kills are SOLO. I told you about doing drugs already!!
      4) We don't care.
      5) If we are docked it means we are AFK. Otherwise we are in space, usually spread out all over New Eden. We don't tend to lump up in safe groups. We also don't play to your convenience, only ours. Stop crying about it.

  3. I think the guys in hammer can handle it. Tbh I doubt anything comes of it tho. Just the empty threats of an angry miner

  4. I'd gladly get my sec status up just to kill them XD

  5. First tings first: LMFAO

    Now, you guys should send a message to them stating you are "concerned" that might disrupt your alliance activities and affect participation. Then ask nicely for the not to wardec you but you still would not reimburse them as you are poor pirates. It should work out nicely for them to actually set a wardec.

  6. Minerbumping educational services tells me this guy is not to be underestimated. He probably has lots of friends in nullsec that will take the demise of their high sec mining director very seriously.
    Perhaps we should run some locator agents and do some preventive ganking so he can't mine enough ore to pay for wardecs?

  7. CPTRINGO here:

    First, there are no tears. Second, all you guys do is gank miners. Try some real PVP like this http://ghiot.mindflood.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24155839
    or this http://ghiot.mindflood.org/?a=kill_detail&kll_id=24155839
    or https://zkillboard.com/kill/39700923/, and finally this one https://zkillboard.com/kill/39688558/

    (there are more, just keeping it short)

    When we showed up in system you guys docked up and become you became "Stay Docked." But don't worry we are coming back every night until damages are repaid!

    But now that I see your KB, I guess ganking miners and staying in station is all you guys do .

    See you space


    1. The tears... They taste soo good!

    2. LOL, your KB shows 26 kills with 48 losses. The tears are on your end

    3. Not a Stay Frosty member...

      But, I don't get it. How are blob kills against overmatched targets PVP where mining ganks are not? It's all pee-vee-pee!

      And station docks? That sounds like a wise move if they were overmatched! Real PVP'ers use this concept called "engagement envelope", if your opponent brings overwhelming force or a comp that outmatches your comp, you disengage to fight another day.... its ALL PVP!

    4. Everyone is "coming to get us", so you have to get on the list and wait your turn. Fighting everyone all the time is exhausting work. Please bear with us and we will get to you eventually and explode your ships.

      Thank you for your patience.

    5. CPTRINGO here. So its okay to blob unarmed miner but to ask a WHOLE corp to come fight is unfair?

      Anyway more tears https://zkillboard.com/system/30002760/ and the pod https://zkillboard.com/kill/39781799/

  8. And even more tears https://zkillboard.com/kill/39782274/


    1. It took 10 of you to kill Sea's Crow? Wow.

    2. You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

    3. And it took 3 of you to gank my miner, what's your point!

    4. I'm beginning to think you have no idea how Eve works. If I fly into hi-sec the police shoot me. If I even so much as lock someone in hi-sec, the police shoot me. So, if someone like me wants to kill a miner in hi-sec he HAS to bring some friends along to do it. (typically) Since we only get one or two rounds off before the police keel us.

      Inside low-sec however, you are free to shoot nasty ebil pirates without worry. No police. So while it takes a few people to gank your miner in hi-sec (all of whom lose their ships doing so btw!) it shouldn't take 10 people to keel a Crow in low-sec. This is why we call one a "gank" and the other a "blob".

      Kindergarten over.

    5. Once again you don't understand something, I was fine with the ganking, you should check my KB. I do it all the time, I was using it to motivate my corp to fight someone else other than the GALS. You posting crap on a blog like a 16 year old girl is what's uncool.

      Also, regardless of where it was it was still 3 v 1 (unarmed) and you think that's okay but me bringing my guys to get you in not okay?

      The funny part is that you really don't understand the game and here's your epic fail. You've gotten 80 million off me, I've taken a billion+ off your corp already....and I will take another billion this week, another the next week, and the week.......I think you get the idea.

      I'm done with this blog, I' will let me actions in game space for now on.


      Ps. Now class is over

    6. You are a very funny dood and I hope you keep commenting, it is the most fun I've had in a while.

      My blog is rather notorious for posting things like a 16yr old girl, so enjoy your moment in the sun. Somewhere along the lines of 12,000 players have read this post so far, so your ignorance and rants are very popular. Thanks for that.

      Feel free to bring your guys to "get" us, that is what we want you to do. We enjoy being got. We are professional pirates and pvpers, fighting is all we do. The trick though, is that we only fight on our terms, not on yours. This can be very frustrating for you.

      I'm encouraged that you find this all funny. We find it hysterical. You are a very funny dood.


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