Actual Practical PvP Advice

Last night I spent two hours talking to some Brave Newbies about solo and small gang PvP, and other topics, as a guest of their Master Class session. It was a great time and a fun, open discussion about everything from Aligning to Bookmarks. So I thought why not cut thru the flowery talk and just offer up some straight-up practical advice.

So here are some Actual Practical PvP Advice that you can use, each one of these will improve your PvPness by a certain percentage. Guaranteed.

Take the time to set-up your overview properly. What the heck does that mean actually? Ok, first of all, trying to jam everything you need into ONE overview is just plain silly. You are going to need a few Overview tabs to properly organize everything. Once you start thinking about your overview as a category function, it starts to get much easier to deal with.

My overview is set-up with FOUR tabs: PvP, FLEET, Drones & Lootz. Your needs may vary. But why clutter my PvP overview with Blue Ships? Or swarms of drones? That crap gets confusing! Spread those things out over multiple tabs and life gets much, much easier. Some people have a tab set-up for running away, but that seems negative to me. So I can't recommend it. (But you may want one anyway, hint hint.)

The PvP Tab is going to be the one you use the most, the rest are support tabs. You can practice adding and subtracting things from the main tab on the fly, but you want to avoid over-complicating your overview. Which is why it is good to have support tabs ready to give you a clear picture at a moment's notice. It also helps with the d-scanner as we'll see below.

Do eeet!

I used to have around 20,000 BMs*, but over the past year I've managed to trim those down to a more manageable 6k or so. But get in the habit of making BMs everywhere you go. You will never, ever regret it and they will save your life over and over again. I'm not kidding. I'm not joking.

I also organize my Bookmarks into folders. Not only does this make it easy to find them, manage them, and eventually delete them - but it also helps when you are in space and need them in a hurry. My folders are Tactical, Gate, INSTA, Safe, and a few others I'm not going to share with you. Tactical BMs are station insta docks, Jump Bridges, POSes, and positions off of enemy things. Gate bms are pounces, warp-to spots, scan spots, etc. INSTA are insta undocks, and the only all CAPS folder for ease of finding it.

Organize, make, and use Bookmarks!

You can set personal standings in Eve with any other player or player group, like corps and alliances. Then that entity will be color-coded forever!! While your own Corp/Alliance will also be setting standings for you, that is no reason why you can't do it yourself. Set up your own standards and stick to them. It is amazing what those little color bars can tell you about local when you glance at who is around.

In Stay Frosty we use orange to mark known Link alts and other persons of notorious bent, such as pilots that use ECM. We use red to draw attention to certain people, or groups that like to blob. And light blue to mark friendlies. We don't have any dark blue.

You can do that too!

Especially when you are starting out, always fit your ship to the bonuses it gets. You can see every ship bonus in the Show Info Window! Learn them, know them, use them! Later on when you get more experience you can start trying out different fits, but resist the urge to do so when you are young. Resist the urge! You need all the help you can get and counter-fitting is something to do when you have more skill points to compensate.

Plus it teaches you what those bonuses are so you can exploit the ones your enemy is bringing in his ship. See how that works?

Take your D-Scanner home with you and sleep with it, put it under your pillow, and make sure to feed and care for it. That is how freakishly important it is! Know the d-scan, love the d-scan and use the d-scan at ALL times. Also, if you've set up your Overview the way I told you, you can use Active Overview Settings to only see what you want to see! See how that works? Think you are being probed? Tab the Drones overview and hit the D-Scan and ta-da you can see the probes in space now. Without all the other clutter.

Amazing things. Intelligence is so sexy.

Ok, I think that is enough for today. I'll be back again with more actual practical advice in the coming days and weeks, so be sure to check back. In the meantime, get busy getting yourself organized for the deadly work ahead of you.

Undock. Have fun. Fly smart.

*This was a rounded estimate that included Corp BMs from a time about three years ago when I finally made the transition from Null to Low. Over the last three years I've managed to cull most of the Jump Bridge Networks that no longer exist out of my bookmarks, as well as POS Towers, and other Alliance silliness.


  1. Just one comment from me. I typically keep scanning probes on all of my overview settings. They aren't going to clutter your overview in the middle of a fire fight and its always good to be able to see them on d-scan just in case you missed a new contact in local that is actively hunting you.

    1. Good point. Like so many things it comes down to personal preference. The important thing is to understand the basics and then adapt them to your own style, how you use them, and what you need them to do for you.

    2. As always, your timing is impeccable. I was just thinking I needed to do more research on PVP other than just fitting a Rifter with one of my two default fits, undocking and getting blown up. Most of what you covered I knew already and implement except the choosing fights. That I'm still working on, but am looking forward to your future posts on this subject! Invaluable information as far as I'm concerned.

    3. Actually, if you look around at this blog a bit, you will find the kindly pirate has posted a number of helpful articles on various topics related to blowing stuff up. I refer to them from time to time myself.


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