Forbidden Ships

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Some ships in Eve can't be flown by us mere mortals, so these are the "Forbidden" ships flown by CCP, Concord and ghosts. When I set out to illustrate all the major hull designs in Eve I had already considered these ships to be a part of the collection. It wasn't until someone on Twitter named the idea for me (and my apologies but I've forgotten who that was. It was Dan Lo Bianco @DanDanikov!!) that the idea took root. I still have some concerns about Concord ships, I'm not particularly enamored with their designs - so we'll have to wait and see how I decide to handle them.

The output of these is going to taper off to a more normal level in the coming days and weeks. The lull in my schedule is disappearing (thank god!) and it is back to a regular level, plus we have the FFA this weekend. Lots to do.

For those of you that have asked, yes I have contacted CCP in regards to the possibility of working together to release these properly. Thanks to my good friends CCP Manifest, Erlendur and CCP Seagull for putting me in touch with the right people! We've exchanged quite a few emails back and forth and the ball is currently in their court. Everyone has been extremely positive and supportive so far and I remain optimistic. But, having said that, so far not much progress has been made. So we'll just have to wait and see.

My fingers remain crossed.

And no, I'm not starting a campaign or anything. Either CCP sees the value of a potential relationship or they don't. Either way the series will be completed and I will remain proud of the work. Personally I remain of the opinion that CCP is missing a huge merchandising opportunity in general and has since the beginning. Merchandising could be a much more vital part of Eve's growth and promotion. And that has nothing specific to do with this series of art print posters and everything to do with common sense. And business. Eve is an amazingly graphic science-fiction experience and when you look at what is happening in other amazingly graphic science-fiction experiences, like Star Wars for example, the opportunities for Eve become apparent. Especially considering just how passionate the Eve community is.

And now I'll get off my soap box and get back to trying to draw a Breacher! Sheesh that ship is weird.


  1. Best of luck with CCP. We consumers are rooting for you.

  2. Can you fly these ships on the test servers?

  3. Excellent additions to the collection, Rixx. Still, I'm hoping to see a Manticore in there at some point. Also, do you plan on re-doing the Blackbird now that it doesn't look like someone stepped on my kid's Erector set?


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