Hydrostatic Podcast

I am a very busy Rixx right now, this week has been nothing but pure motion and lots of things are happening. Almost all of it is good and much of it has to do with Eve, so hang in there.

Until my head stops spinning and I can get back to a somewhat normal schedule, you should go check out the latest episode of the Hydrostatic Podcast!  Phy, Lock and Ash had me on last week to record the episode with them and I had a lot of fun talking about Piracy, Stay Frosty, Crimewatch and the Persuasive Awesomeness that is Low Sec! Fortunately most of my blabbering ended up on the cutting room floor and I sound smarter than I actually am!

Check it out. And eventually I'll get back to writing again.

That Hydrostatic Logo is pretty awesome!