The Monday Mailbag

We get a lot of letters here at the Eveoganda World Headquarters and sometimes we even take the time to answer them. That's why we call this The Monday Mailbag!

Dear Rixx,

I just wanted to take a moment while I'm sitting here in my safe spot to write and let you know why I won't be fighting you today. I could fight you, and as I said so well in local, I'd certainly win. I am the best person I know at PvP and I have pwned you and Stay Frosty in every single engagement we've ever had - this is well known. But I choose my own fights, and despite us being in equal ships and my link alt being in local, I've chosen to warp off to my safe spot and taunt you in local instead. Consider this a gift of sorts.

Mister Name Changed to Protect His Honor

— zKill must be terribly wonkered, I've searched for your name and yet all I can come up with is some newbro that has 14 kills and 43 losses on their kill-board. I'll wait until it refreshes and try again.

Mister Javix,

Hi! I'm the guy you shot outside of station recently. You might remember me? We were in equal ships and once you engaged I brought twenty of my friends in to end you? Yeah, that was me. Well there are forty of us now and we brought Battleships, Logi and a few HACs, and links, and maybe one or two Falcons. Was just wondering if you and Stay Frosty would like to undock into us? We're just outside.

Waiting for Good Fights

— As tempting as that is, and believe me it is extremely tempting, I must decline. Please understand that this has nothing to do with you or your friends. In fact, I have a whole bunch of ships that need to be exploded for no good reason. Any other day and I'd undock into that in a second. But today is special. Today is Stay Frosty Movie Day and we are all in the film room watching the Porkys Trilogy.


Your on-going campaign against WCS has to stop. You are embarrising (sp) yourself and everyone is mocking you. Understand that some people just don't want to fight and stop trying to force your niche game-style onto the rest of us. Please stop. Seriously.

4 on my Vexor

— You've obviously misunderstood Eve my friend. Eve is a struggle, a fight, a conflict in everything you do. I can't change that. Lie to yourself all you want, but even if I miss you someone else won't. Eventually you will explode. There is no safety unless you stay docked. When you log in you log into that world. Grow up and accept it, or don't. Either way you will explode eventually. WCS won't save you.

To the loser Rixxie,

I'm not playing Eve anymore but I just wanted to write and tell you again that Stay Frosty is doomed. What a joke! You guys will never make it and you are destined to fail. You are such a wanker. No one will follow you and you suck!!

Bitter Former Corp Mate in an Unnamed Corp

— This is so true.

Just remember that Stay Frosty is always OPEN! We are currently looking for USTZ pilots that wan't to enjoy solo and small gang combat, have fun, play without bullshit, politics, and all the other crap. We undock, we fly, we die. I'd especially like to mention to any BRAVE members out there that I cannot be removed as Alliance Executor and our mission will never wander off the rails. A Band Apart is awesome and we are planning on staying that way forever. Maybe it's time to come fly with us?


  1. Speaking of WCS... I think I'm going to take up the banner of your crusade. It took me landing points on 4 different ships before I finally found one that wasn't stabbed yesterday. Yes, post incoming.


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