Bishop Javix

Yesterday I realized my recent post "Go Eve!" had been syndicated over on EN24 so I finally dragged myself over there to read the comment section. Which is always so much fun to do to yourself. But nestled among the comments was this nugget of wisdom from Max Singularity:

"You are hereby promoted to the sacred rank of Bishop and shall be known as your Grace Javix, a keeper of the faith in the rising Sixth Empire of Capsuleers."

When you share a Solar Eclipse with someone in Iceland it changes you. That is what I am attributing this sudden promotion to, the lingering effects of bone-chilling wind and the slow, but inevitable eating of the Sun by the Moon. Thank you Space Pope for the honor, I know you are trolling but I appreciate the benediction nonetheless.

Within weeks of starting to play Eve back in 2008 I was dragged down the pipe into Providence. For the next few years that region of space would serve as a magnet that would keep dragging me back over and over again. The people I flew with, many of whom I am still in touch with (some of whom are even in ABA), impacted my entire Eve career. It was a pivotal time in Null Sec politics and a proving ground for a great many things. In some ways a PvP playground, a destination for anyone looking for a fight, and a cauldron of role-playing, rules, trials, hot-drops, gate camps, and easy player-versus-player combat. In hindsight it was the perfect place to grow up in Eve.

I fought four wars over Provi. I would leave time and time again, only to be called back when yet another war was looming. Eventually circumstance would bring me into the roll of invader for the last of those wars. And I would help the invaders conquer Providence only to stall and fail deep in Cache. (If you'd like to know more I suggest searching for Providence in the search bar.)

As a storyteller I often think about Rixx's story line. A story that continues to develop and go in interesting directions. And I try to imagine where that story might be leading. These are not "plans" exactly, but more like the fevered dreams of a completist. In any story arc the main character needs a destiny to fulfill, a goal to achieve, a destination to pursue. What if, in the grand scheme of things, Rixx also has a destiny. If we agree that he does, then what exactly would that look like?

I can imagine several scenarios that would accomplish the closing of his main story arc. But one of the most compelling of those would be the return of the Prodigal Son to the place of his birth. A triumphant and glorious conquerer that spreads retribution across the South and destroys those that betrayed him in the past. An invasion yes, but a liberation more importantly. A power grab that would solidify his return and the death of his enemies. In that dream, Providence would be his. And eventually the entire South would fall to his gathered horde. A massive upsetting of the established power base that would eventually lead to the collapse of all those that have consolidated power over the past decade. A fever that would result in a brand new paradigm. Out with the old and in with the new.

In that dream everything works out pretty much exactly like that. Providence returns to the PvP Playground it is meant to be, only this time gifted to the new Amarr Empire and their faction supporters to hold and protect.

While it is fun to dream big dreams, is there any way such a thing could actually happen? Why not. Or maybe some other scenario will be the one that plays out in time. Who knows?

Thing is, no one knows what is going to happen next. Only that something will.

Until then, it is great to be Bishop.


  1. It would be great if His embarrassment, Maximilian the innumerate had the religious authority to convey such honours. Sadly (for you both), he doesn't. Besides, Pirate King is a far cooler title.


    Rob K.

    (Any health tips from the Pirate King? I'm laid up in bed and cannot even think :( )

    1. Just not king but Pirate Emperor! It ties with Rixx origins.

    2. Sorry to hear you are laid up in bed. I'm sure your mates in Eve are fine without your help and will be sure to share any booty they find while you are away because you don't feel well. Get out of bed ya scurvy dog! We don't let little boo-boos stop us! Yarr!!

      Did that help?

    3. How about Pirate Imperator, I like the sound of that.

  2. What kind of Pirate GIFTS BACK what he takes, Rixx?!?!?!?!!! Take what you want, all of it if necessary then salt the planets and burn the gates as you leave. ;o)~

  3. May Bob, god of wormholes grant us the chance to burn all you heritics!

    1. So that we may rise from the ashes anew like a Phoenix to vanquish our enemies.


      Also, if you are going to troll on a blog - at least have the balls to not do it as "Anonymous".

      - Mal

  4. One thing that greatly impresses me from some of the eve bloggers that I read (and also my ex CEO) is their knowledge of the game in terms of the political landscape, people known, events from the past (as well as knowledge on the capability of any ship in game and what ships are best to counter those ships).

    This also encompasses people’s story, your story for example would outline your beginnings from fledgling pilot, your move to Null sec, the battles that you participated in, the people that you killed and whom killed you in honourable (or not) battle and I love those types of stories.

    I have a few of my own from my own experiences in game but I can only remember the main events rather than the little details and it is those details that make the stories interesting, that give them life so to speak. Have you considered doing a series on that as blog posts (if you have not done so already (I am a recent visitor to your blog)).

    1. It is one of the biggest challenges of writing a long-term blog, the story is continually new for new readers all the time. It is a bit much to expect anyone to dig back thru the archives and re-read old posts. So one of my on-going and constantly evolving tactics is to try and constantly frame my own story over and over again. Without alienating those that are more long-term readers. It isn't an easy proposition, but yes, I am constantly trying to find new ways to keep it fresh.