The Small Seconds

This post starts with a story. Due to the death of the server hamsters yesterday my eventual play-time in Eve was extremely limited. I only managed to carve out about 45 minutes or so. But I did manage to hero tackle a Maller who was actually in a belt ratting, pop a pod that was foolish enough to just sit there on the gate with me too long (and ended up being full of Snakes!!), and then this amazing little Tormentor.

I was in a Wolf.

Sitting on a gate in Eve is a little different for me than it may be for you. As a dedicated, committed and permanent criminal (I've been -10 for over four years and ain't changing for no one, not even Australians) everyone in the universe can freely engage me, but I can't do the same without taking serious fire from gate or station guns. I often spend a lot of time staring at a mutually yellow-boxed target powerfully trying to voodoo them into firing at me. They have to start first. A point I will often point out to them in local.

And so it was with great surprise and joy yesterday that I watched the yellow box from this little Tormentor turn red. As we all know I will take whatever fight I can get, but the outcome of this fight was never in question. But immediately upon turning red the pilot of that little ship earned my respect. Had I been in a Tormentor on the gate with a Wolf I would have taken the fight. I admire that kind of spunk and "wtfwhynot" attitude. We need more of this in Eve.

I said as much in local. In fact, after the pilot re-shipped and warped off to an out gate, I tried to warn them about a gate camp on the other side. Luckily my intel was a few minutes old and the camp had dissolved. I know this because the pilot convo'd me back.

I've written about civility in Eve many times in the past on these pages. I strongly believe that, as players, we are also ambassadors of the game we enjoy. And generally I think we do a pretty piss-poor job of it. The clear line between an in-game persona and the person behind that line, is often a difficult one for some people to understand, grasp and appreciate. And maybe the big picture is too big to understand. Maybe the mantle of responsibility for an ENTIRE gaming community is beyond any individual player to grasp.

Instead of trying to shoulder that mass yourself, why not start small? Small is easy. Small doesn't actually take any work at all. Instead of snarking over a kill, why not invite them to a convo. Why not say "gf" in local? Why not offer some advice? It only takes a second and I think those seconds could make all the difference.

The difference between "winning" and "losing" in Eve often comes down to just a few seconds. When you read that sentence you immediately thought about fighting, didn't you? My challenge to you today is start thinking about those seconds in another light. Maybe a few seconds here and there could make a difference in other ways?

And maybe, just maybe, those seconds can add up to something bigger than us. Maybe we can help create the kind of universe that people want to play in. A universe that remains as harsh, cold, and difficult as ever - but that maybe isn't full of harsh, cold and difficult players.



  1. Here I was warping back to my newly made and stock home system of Ish(muble something Caldari sounding) when I run into this wolf sitting 12km from me. Now, my normal play time is late Pacific to early Ausie, which means I tend to take fights wherever I can find them regardless of the odds stacked against me, but there where several things that almost made me not take this one.

    There was a second ship somewhere between 40 - 50km off gate while my gate cloak hid me. As a solo pilot I'm cool with multiple-to-1's and have taken several managing to take at least one ship down with me, but the ship I could catch was a wolf. By itself it would eat me alive unless the pilot made glaringly obvious mistakes in fitting or was flown by someone with absolutly no piloting skills (campaired to my almost-no-skills). Preferably both.

    But, that pilot was Rixx Javix. A person who's killboard I peruse ocasionally to see if he's lost anything to compare fits and evaluate if mine wouldn't be better off with X or Y instead of Z. Someone who's blog I read when I can steal a moment or two, and someone who would have to be having such a horrible day piloting as to be near afk for me to win in anything short of a hard-counter to the ship he is flying.

    Oh yeah, didn't I just apply to join his corp the other day?

    But what it boiled down to wwas a wolf, sitting 12 km off a gate with my overview kindly glowing a target-me red over his name. 12 km is only 2km short of my ships effective range...

    gf. I was laughing from when I first yellow boxed you till the end.

    1. Hey Sarah and thanks for commenting! I'm so happy to hear you read the blog as often as you can. The fact that you were laughing the whole time is extremely encouraging, I mostly laugh when playing Eve. Especially when I'm derping something into something I have no chance against.

      Just FYI our recruitment is slowed down to a crawl right now because of the Alliance Tournament, we are "officially" closed. All that really means if we are only taking pilots that we know or know of until after the AT. But if you have put in an app I'd be more than happy to accept it.

      You certainly have the right spirit.

    2. Thanks for the heads up about recruitment being closed during the AT. I put my app in a couple of days ago but would have started questioning things prior to the AT being completed I'm sure. No rush. Just means more targets in the meantime. :)

  2. The potential “chat” afterwards is sometimes my favourite part. I was in your region recently and took a fight with a Tristan (which I lost) and the resulting conversation in local was really enjoyable, he said he was surprised I took the fight and I said that I had jump 15+ jumps and just wanted to get into a fight. He was appreciative. And another fight which I had (which was a draw) had a similar conversation. I now know I will get honourable fights from those people

    1. I'm glad to hear that was your experience. We do try as often as we can, certainly it is not always possible to convo after a fight, the situation often dictates otherwise. But I know I strive to as often as possible. And I encourage all of our pilots to do the same.

    2. when I lose i often strike up a chat whilst I am waiting to self destruct, so I end up chatting quite often haha. i think what is holdoing me back in terms of more fights at the moment is because I have only the 1 account I dont want my main to lose too much sec status and so I am always trying to keep it maxed up, and in high sec that takes some time.

  3. I think its difficult to detach sometimes from normal game play to EVE play... remember you are a 'Capsuleer' you have a pod and even then you are cloned to die... the loss of ship etc are irrelevant in the context of bigger picture of EVE Online, that fellow capsuleers should fight is only natural... but after the duel is over civility should be rejoined...

    What was that motto? Aha!

    "All for one and one for all"

    Another Dumas quote I think has EVE application:

    “Never fear quarrels, but seek hazardous adventures.”

  4. Are you saying, if you were in a tormentor you would have taken a fight against a wolf? Why would you do that? I would only understand that coming from a new pilot, or if he had friends waiting on the other side of the gate. Besides that, wolf has a 100% win rate. Only if the pilot had an heart attack in front of his pc or something hehe.

    Why would one say gf in an unbalanced match where it was one sided. For instance, gate camp, blobs, versus a link ships or a superior ship that simply blasted you out of the skies in a few shots. I consider a good fight something that was balanced.

    Besides Rixx, you don't always say good fight yourself. The very few times we fought 1 on 1 and I killed you, I find amusing you always come up with an excuse for your loss. Sure, you will always say it when you 3v1 kill me. Probably to annoy me or something.

    1. I haver flying around the most dangerous parts of new eden and fight with Rixx and fight with the stay fristy crew and most trime give gf in the local I saw lots of people take fight and never retrun a gf mesasage in local and tbh I dont know why that is but some just dont responce. maybe the still busy doing a fight or maybe they just dont like the other pilot so say nuthing. not sure tbh. sometimes they do sometim donet.

    2. I took the fight knowing I was going to loose. He didn't force the fight on me, and couldn't without adding significantly to my dps by way of gate guns. It was a good fight to me. I've been playing this since around 2012/13 and have been pvping for a while now. It wasn't a good fight because I had a chance of winning. It was a good fight because I had fun. I was laughing, literally, and enjoying seeing what damage I could inflict on a vastly superior ship.

      Rixx could have been a complete asshole (he of course wasn't) and it still would have been a good fight for me. I had fun.

      If I used 'winning' in my definition of my fun in eve I would already have lost, and would likely stop playing the game.

      I don't always say 'gf' in local either, but this is primarily due to my local state of mind and nothing to do with the other player, or the fight itself.

    3. I once flew an Orca through a cloaked gate camp. My scout missed it because it was invisible: They missed my orca because by the time they'd gotten over the shock of an unrecorded orca flying through lowsec, my MWD had cycled and I was in warp. Those few seconds cost them a juicy, juicy prize, and I only found out because they convo'd me to tell me I was crazy.

      Side note: Low-Sec statics are awful and I do not recommend living with one unless your life goals include losing orcas.

    4. Jesus, you're risk averse James.

      See you can't create epic kills if you don't engage up. Wooptydoo you won a balanced fight \o/ Hosanna! /slowclap.
      You know what's really cool? Engaging the ship(s) you aren't supposed to beat and the either winning or taking down more then you have any right too.

      Sure if you only aim is to win as many fights as possible with as few losses as possible, you can always make the 'smart' choice. But lots of people in EVE take fights because they're interesting or amusing or whatever. I often take fights just to have the fight, Bit like a martial arts thing, just enjoy the moment roll with punches, if you lose, you lose, so what? vOv Dock up grab a new ship go again!


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