Why I Play Eve

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Months ago I created a "cartoon" version of Rixx to use for this video, I had heard about Adobe's new Character Animator program and wanted to try it. I had to wait until it was released of course, so today I finally got around to upgrading my software and set about learning the new system. This is why I created the video, well that and to try and win a Playstation 4!! (Duh!)

As always I strive to create Eve videos that aren't like other Eve videos and I think this one qualifies. I've never seen anything quite like it before. I didn't know the first thing about Character Animator this morning, although I've obviously worked on animation before. I tried to keep the options simplified, so as not to overly challenge myself the first time out. This is why Rixx's arms don't move. I'll probably keep working on the model and try something even more challenging with it next time. Better to set your sights to something you can accomplish rather than becoming frustrated.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy it.

Why I play Eve by Rixx Javix

I play Eve for the pew pew
To explode ships flown by you
I can search all night
For the elusive good fight
No matter how many I shoot
I only do it for the loot
I may be a solo and small gang snob
But eventually I always get killed by a blob
A gate camp, or a posse
Makes it difficult for me to Stay Frosty
Despite my PvP hi-jinks
I never have to use links
And despite my many faults
I never scout with alts
Sometimes you get away
To fight again another day
Or run away from my jabs
Using those goddamn warp core stabs
I am a Pirate gent
Who is only providing content
It doesn’t matter how skilled
I cannot be killed
When you try I only chortle
Because you see, I am immortal
This is why I play
Why I undock every day
To take from you and strip
You of your internet spaceship

Thank you. Thank you very much.

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