Spai Works: Battleship Logi

Our spais have uncovered some very early concept drawings from CCP Games HQ in Reykjavik that reveal plans for a new class of spaceship: The Battleship Logistics!!

Take a gander at these babies.


The Sciphoon

The Rocalisk

The Domineiros

It certainly is an exciting time. New ships and new concepts flying around like snow on a volcano. I'm very excited.

What do you think?


  1. Exciting time's Ahead!! Quite skill intensive though, as you need two characters to fly one ship. Each toon requiring the BS/Logi pre-reqs. Duel boxer will be happy though.

  2. I hope they change those godawfull names tho...

  3. FC I'm throwing money at the screen but I don't have a domineiros in my hangar, what do?

  4. CCP should clearly roll the Guardabbon and the Sciphoon into production immediately. The other two though... I was thinking more of an Oneirathon and, unlocking the seventh seal here, a Ravelisk.

    1. Given the 20 minute window under which these spy concepts were constructed, not a huge amount of thought and energy went into their creation. I believe CCP was more concerned with the concept and feedback from the fans, more than the details. Cough Cough.

    2. HAHA ya the missing link from cruiser to capital. That SoE 'ship' is useless


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