Citadel Day

In CCP's on-going attempt to implement every single idea I've ever had into the game, today marks the launch of the Citadel expansion. Today begins the era of player built stations which will soon see the end of POS structures by this time next year. Soon space will be littered with Citadels around every corner.  What this means for the future of game-play inside of New Eden remains to be seen, but certainly it is the dawn of a new age of increasing player control.

You didn't know this was all my idea? Well it sorta is. You see, six years ago I wrote a series of posts about a new concept I called "Battle POS", which essentially boiled down to the next evolutionary stage in the old concept. Customized, module-based, built by players, formidable weapons, and transportable. In other words, a Citadel. This is just another example of CCP taking my Gooder Eve posts, changing them about a bit, and then making them happen. Which is a pretty smart plan on thier part. (I'm half-joking here by the way, but still it is amazing how many of those posts are coming true.)

I'm just getting caught up on all the news out of Fanfest. Moving your family during FF week is not a good time for keeping up with news. A few things struck me. First was just how Null-Centric this FF was. Not a lot of things for the 85% of us that don't play in Null. Second was the lack of any further details on the longer-range plans along the roadmap. At last year's FF we had a pretty good idea about Citadels already on the horizon and many of the other things that have come to pass. I thought this year we'd hear a little more about player-built Stargates and new space. That is something that has been hinted at for a long time. I know this Citadel expansion has been a beast for the Devs and I certainly appreciate the effort. But some teasing would have been nice. Its great to see our vague line on the roadmap, but a few more large themes would be appreciated.

I was also seriously bummed about how the CSM elections turned out. Not only did my candidate Joffy not get elected, but a resounding majority of Null Sec candidates did. This is a huge concern for the majority of Eve players. A low voter turnout always hurts the non-aligned candidates, we've seen that happen in previously low turn-out years. Hopefully this CSM doesn't turn out to be as horrible as other null-centric councils have in the past. But if they do, it will help us generate more voter participation next year. It always does.

Just some quick thoughts today. I'm about a week away from getting back to a normal schedule again. So enjoy the expansion and I hope to see you in space again soon.

Stay Frosty.

There is a good interview with CCP Seagull in which she talks more about the road ahead.


  1. I can understand that CCP is starting with the big toys first, that empires need their capitals and armies their fortresses. These things do not interest me, and looking further down I see no small structures. Even the medium structures are heavily restricted unable to have a market possibly not even contracting services.

    There's no space longhouse planned for a small band of adventurers. No makeshift ports for roaming pirates, and not a whisper of smuggler's dens or anything of the sort. CCP's idea of small structures are mining and scanning structures for the empires.

    I'm disappointed in the latest expansion, and saddened that content for my play style doesn't even seem to be in the cards as far as CCP is concerned.

  2. Not sure what advantage new space would give, I think they should sort out the inconsistencies with current spqce before looking to add more.

  3. One thing I was kinda upset about, unless I completely missed it on the schedule, there was no PVE roundtable like years past. And I kinda know why, it's one of those things CCP is being mum about during a code refactor. But I'd at least like some sorta update on how that's going, the last roadmap I saw for that is a year and a half out before anything substantial. Some sorta nod that it's still happening would be nice given that time scale.

  4. Citadels are interesting and I'm looking forward to seeing how they change the landscape of New Eden.

    The CSM results, meh. I was sorry Joffy didn't make it onto this Council. But as for the Council being null heavy, that isn't as big a problem as people like to imagine. CCP will be presenting topics for discussion based on their plans and their roadmap and that is what the Council will be discussing. Regardless of their own agendas. Might could be low sec, exploration, or who knows what. It doesn't mean a null-focused group won't be able to provide excellent feedback on topics not specifically related to null sec. Players are rarely one-dimensional in their play styles. I'd be willing to be most if not all CSM 11 members have a wide range of experience in game play and mechanics. But honestly, it's hard to care about the CSM anymore. Especially if this year doesn't show CCP stepping up to visibly fix some of the problems of the past related to communications and expectations.

    1. My problem with a null heavy CSM isn't that I think they're out to get me. It's that when I, or most people, are presented with something it's easiest to think, "How will this effect me.". It's not a purposeful thing, it's human nature. But when CCP gives a Null heavy CSM a new feature, it's going to naturally be Null answers of, "How does this effect me.". Sure, you'll get problems for highsec, and a lowsec, and WH and all that too because everyone who's played for any amount of time has experience with them. But it's mostly going to be how it impacts Null, because that's the easiest answer to give when asked for input if that's where you play. If it were somehow magically a Highsec CSM, most of the input would be from a highsec viewpoint.

    2. I couldn't give a toss about citadels. And the forced rise in NPC station taxes makes me bitter. CCP pandering to the large null blocks yet again. Ah well, subs up soon, time to move on.

    3. Halcyon, I really don't think it works that way as much to the detriment of other play styles or areas of space as you think it does. Speaking from personal experience on a CSM with null-centric players who had plenty of good input on lots of other areas of the game because of their wide experience.


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