You Can't Make This Stuff Up

So over the past few days we've had a rather messy and confusing incident in Stay Frosty. It really isn't worth going into details, but essentially someone outside the Corp accused someone inside the Corp of violating a 1v1. After that it gets confusing, angry, and sad. Lots of things happened, none of which involved any drama, and it turns out that the accuser is probably lying anyway.

But the eve mails are amazing. I'm going to share the string with you, but in fairness to all involved I will change the names.

Hi Rixx,

Hope you're well. I'm writing to issue a complaint about members of ST-FR who gave me their word and then broke it. I'm not sure if this matters in ST-FR but i hope it does. NAME and I were about to have a 1v1 duel when I discovered a unique rat in a belt in Oulletta. Since i was a member of ST-FR (albeit for one day), I offered to let him join me on the condition of not getting others to jump me, and then we would continue our 1v1. We go kill the rat, which i tanked, and he took the loot (a Barghest blueprint) then proceeded to attack me. I figured our 1v1 started so I engaged. 
A navy domi SFSenior then jumps in and neuts me and they proceed to pummel me to death. 

I don't care about losing the ship, although it was worth about 1.5 billion with fittings. I'm disappointed that our 1v1 was not honored tho. Genuinely thought better of ST-FR than that.

Honoring 1v1s is a core tenet of Stay Frosty and as such we take it rather seriously. I understand that you have already been compensated for your loss and the offending party has been dealt Pirate Justice.

Fly safe,

Frankly, i'm less concerned about myself as I have plenty of ISK. My bigger concern is that a friend invited me into his corp, and it is a new corp, and that 1v1 violation put a 1.7 billion isk loss on our killboard. On the one hand I get that if you're not ready to lose a ship, don't fly it--totally true. But again, reasonable precautions WERE taken here. It was not just NAME--it was also SFSenior. 
Let's be honest--NAME was insignificant. SFSenior was the reason we're having this convo right now. Even when I told SFSenior that we had a 1v1 it was completely ignored. It took me a long time to die, SFSenior had ample opportunity to see if i was telling the truth. Why should he be let off the hook? It was because of SFSenior's inappropriate inteference with a neuting navy domi that I lost a ship that could easily have tanked NAME. 
I would like to ask that either SFSenior be punished for making no effort to verify my claim of a 1v1, or that something be done to balance the 1.7 billion isk killboard loss for my corp. I understand fully that I'm proposing not-insignificant things here, but my CEO is very frustrated with me now because of this. 
Alternately, SFSenior can fit a billion worth of fittings and allow one of us to pop him. If that's too much, then maybe an alt of SFSenior. He shouldn't be let off the hook.

I think you may have misunderstood my previous message. So let me reiterate that this is internal Stay Frosty business and your part in it has ended. Whatever compensation has been afforded you is the end of the compensation afforded you. SFSenior will not be punished by anyone. Nothing will be done about the supposed 1.7b. And a member of Stay Frosty will fit up a ship to be exploded on purpose WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER JITA!
If you feel wronged please feel free to seek your revenge against Stay Frosty. Our pilots are everywhere and easy to find. And they enjoy having revenge brought against them.
Stay Frosty, Rixx Javix Pirate Lord of Low Sec

Whoa there drama queen, come back down to earth. I understood your message perfectly well. It's your leadership skills that I significantly overestimated. I made the mistake of speaking to you like an adult. Lesson learned.
SFDirector- thanks again for being a stand up guy throughout this. SFOther too demonstrated a lot of integrity. Maybe one of you guys can coach Rixx on this gap in his skillset. 
SFSenior- no hurt feelings, we'll tango again soon.
Rixx- Why you would go through all the effort to build a corporation and not give a shit about its reputation is beyond me. But now I can definitely see why Suleiman kicked you from the Tuskers. Got more respect for him after meeting you.

Person, (From SFSenior)
Wow... said a guy with total of 4 kills and 6 death.. with almost 6 billion losses.. LOL.
Oh wait... this must be an alt of yours. Your main is a super l33t pvp-er that will kill us and hunt us down. I am so scared now..
Git gud scrub... If you want to kill me, hunt me down. I am active and around in Ouelletta. If you ever undock from Station II, just catch me. I am easily caught.
And by the way, you cannot lecture about leadership skill from a guy in 3-dudes corp to a CEO of corp with over 200 active pvp-ers...

Wow. That email was so packed with idiocy that I don't even know how to respond to all of it at once. 
I may not run an Eve corp, but in real life I've built 3 successful startups and I hold an MBA from the business school Financial Times ranked #1 in the world in 2016 (Harvard was 2nd) and 2017 (Stanford was 2nd). One of those start-ups is in executive coaching and each of the teams I assembled in the ventures consist of high performing individuals from HBS, Wharton, and Stanford. But hey, what do i know right...anyways i'm sure this talk of 'high performing individuals' probably sounds completely alien to you so don't burden your mind with it. Imbecile.
Your attempt to imply I fear undocking is retarded given you neuted me in a belt, and particularly so given I caught you on scan before ever going to the belt. Jesus, even when you try to insult me you still look like a moron.

Anyways, I'm sure we've all had enough of this convo. Fly safe. 

Person, (From Rixx)
He assembled his team in Ventures, that was his first mistake! 

Person, (From SFSenior)
yup in internet, everyone is a successful CEO and graduated top if their class from ivy league.. lol amazing you have to justify your status in your fabricated real life. git gud nerds.. your mom's basement is not a suitable dwelling for 40 years old virgin

Person, (From Rixx)
Credit due for not claiming to be a Navy Seal though!

He did send us a link to a LinkedIn account, but honestly I can't be bothered.


  1. Whoa there drama queen, come back down to earth.
    Good for a laugh right there.
    Also, in a corp that cares about a green killboard.

    Final laugh when he attempts to gain credit by saying he went to a good school and is capable of hiring people that also went to a prestigious institute, as if that has any relation to his own success (in EVE).

    But yes credit for not claiming to be a former navy seal or war hero.
    Otherwise I can't comment on the validity of his claims about SF not honoring a 1v1 as no chat logs are published.

    1. We take claims of this nature seriously and we investigated his. Despite its rather complicated nature it was easily determined that no 1v1 had been agreed to and hence no violation of the Code.

    2. I should add that despite the final findings, he was partially compensated for his loss while we determined the validity of his claim.

      We do take these things seriously, y'know, for Pirates.

  2. If losing that costly a ship & fit got him in soooo much trouble with his CEO (leading to this outburst of 'you owe me!' and RL education e-peen measuring) I wonder what that CEO of his thought about another Eos loss later that same day, in the same system, for a comparable ISK KB efficiency ding. Can't fix stubborn, no matter how many pieces of sheepskin they have tacked to their walls.

  3. Richard of JacksonMarch 14, 2017 at 10:03 PM

    Lordy Lordy Lordy - loses 3.4 bill on Eos's in a 4 hour period in the same system? Jesus, ya can't fix stupid lol

  4. Hmm. I do have to say that it was unnecessary for SFSenior to verbally escalate. Regardless of the merits of the situation, the tail end was not very professionally handled. But that's just me.

    Do command bursts stack?

  6. "Do command bursts stack?"
    Oh. open foot/insert mouth. forget i asked


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