My Minecraft Project

I started playing Minecraft again at my desk while I ate lunch. Originally it was just a quick Survival game without any plans for more. A way to pass time on something that you can stop quickly without problems. Ten minutes here, twenty minutes there.

I've played Minecraft before. Years and years ago I had a huge world that I was playing in Survival but the save file became corrupted and that world was lost. After awhile I got bored again and decided I needed to do something I had never done before, so I converted the map to Creative and decided to slowly build a city. And so "Lunch" was born.

This video tour represents about eight months of those ten to twenty minute work spreads here and there. Lately I've been working on it at home as well when I have time. Most of this is about planning and working things out in my head before I do them in the map. That kind of brain work can be done anywhere. I also look at a lot of photos and reference before I start building.

This is Minecraft Java running on my MacPro. I don't use Mods or Editors or anything, just whatever comes with the software. The only thing I did a bit different was the cooling tower on the Fusion Reactor, that I looked up a map before I started making it. Otherwise it is just trial and error. I tear down a lot of stuff that doesn't work and try building something else.

I will also mention that I try to stick with my own interpretation of what makes a Minecraft City. You won't see any roads in my map and that's because they don't have wheels, so no cars, so no need for roads. There is a Subway system underground and for everything else they can walk or take a boat. I'm not trying to reproduce a "real world" city or anything in the real world, everything I do is intended for Minecraft citizens. Whoever they might be.

Anyway, I thought it was finally far enough along to share with you.