Yesterday my Revelation finally popped out of the oven (thanks to the folks in Lucifer's Hammer) and I snuck her over to another station for fitting. I have almost zero use for another Dread, I have four of them already, but what else is there to do at this point? After 12 years of non-stop training Rixx is just a hair short of 250 million skill points. Other than a long list of level V skills I probably don't need, there isn't much left to train.

My goal of topping out all sub-cap skills in Eve is long behind me. Now I only react when something new is added to the game, like the Triglavian ships. Or these new Edencom ships arriving today. Otherwise it's just long 56 day Level Vs all the time. (Oh, and whenever I lose a T3 and have to re-train one of those skills) I keep thinking about the day I decide to stop training Rixx and start training one of my alts, but that day hasn't arrived yet. Even with the paltry skills remaining to train, it still adds up to more than two more years in my list. So, for now, Rixx continues to study and unlock those additional 2% of things that he may never actually use.

Essentially there is a ceiling for a low sec pirate player after Carriers and Dreads. Anything beyond that level and you start to run into problems for which we have no real solutions. All of which mostly revolve around parking. There just isn't a viable solution for parking a Nyx or a Titan. I can only imagine trying to pop a Keepstar up in our area. lolz.

So for now I trudge on and continue to expand my collection of ships I may never use. All while mostly flying around in Frigates all day. (This is a funny sentence that you may not realize is funny. It's funny because that is what most people think we do. Which, we do of course. But we find it funny because we also do so much more.)

I've always wanted a Revelation. I named her, "Righteous Will"


  1. Fresh baked Dread. YUM YUM

    How long did it take to build anyway?

    1. I have no idea tbh, I know the order was slowed by them building the 4,000 Frigates we needed for the FFA.


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