The Thing About Friendship


I care about my friends. And because I tend to collect friends from different walks of life, different backgrounds, locations, political affiliations, and more - well that comes with some measure of responsibility. As such I have made the decision to archive my most recent post and remove it from public viewing and comment.

As a CEO and Alliance leader in Eve Online it is also incumbent upon me to represent all members of my Corporation and Alliance. This is not a responsibility that I take lightly. In fact it is one that I believe in whole-heartedly. So much so that I've gone to war over it. Kicked people for abusing it. And stood firm against more populist approaches that may have benefitted me personally in-game. I stick by my guns. And I've often endured the slings and arrows because of that approach.

I won't stop. My friends both in-game and out are important to me. As such these pages are not the place for political discourse and shall remain, as much as possible, focused on Eve Online, art, gaming, and the associated topics surrounding them.

There are contractors in my house. Today they heard me ranting a bit about the Impeachment. I'll share with you what I said to them. The more people I meet and the more I travel, the more I realize something that I've always believed. When two people sit down to talk it is surprising just how much they have in common. It isn't us that divides us. It is our inability to just take a moment and talk, show some empathy, and work things out together. Those that seek to divide us are usually doing so to empower themselves, profit from us, or try to control us.

These are extraordinary times. No doubt. But extraordinary times require extraordinary people.



  1. I wondered if that post would engender some backlash for you.
    Slavery is the great shame of our past.
    Cancel culture is the great shame of our present.

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