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Eveoganda Maps & Guides

Official Eveoganda Maps

These maps are designed by Rixx for anyone to download and use. When downloading from Google Docs remember to click under file - download to save as a PDF.

(NOTE: This is a editable PDF file, the original ZIP will be uploaded again shortly. Apologies for the technical snaffu)
This link is a Zip file that includes Adobe Illustrator layered files in both CC2014 and CS6, as well as an editable PDF(6) file, of all of New Eden in vector format. The map was created for Andrew Groen's "Empires of New Eden" book and focuses primarily on Null Systems.

This map is in PDF format and provides a high-quality, easy to read guide to Low Security space in Empire, with Zero Space connections noted. Makes a great "second monitor" companion or roam planner. Can be printed hi-quality for posters as well. Downloaded over 15,000 times!

This PDF beautifully presents the region known as Providence in easy to view graphics, perfect for the local or those wishing to tempt the locals. Sov is not shown.

Only available as a JPG this beautiful map shows the Providence Region as it was in May, 2011. Still useful, the systems haven't changed, only the owners.

UPDATED: RJ's Icon Guide (Post July 2015)
RJ's Icon Guide 2015 (Light Version)
RJ's Icon Guide 2015 (Dark Version)
Easy to read guide to the new overview icons in PDF format.

Official Eveoganda Guides

These Guides appeared in Eveoganda and are organized here:

Stay Frosty Brawling & Kitting Ammo Guide

Stealthbombers: Low Sec Strategy & Tactics

Gang Tactics Part One: The Basics

Gang Tactics Part Two: DPS

Gang Tactics Part Three: Travel

Gang Tactics Part Four: Track & Kill

Idiot's Guide: Being On Gate

Idiot's Guide: D-Scanner

Idiot's Guide: Bombing

Idiot's Guide: Flying in Zero Space

Idiot's Guide: Bookmarks

The Nano Gang

Dipping Your Toe into Low

Non-Eveoganda Guides

These are good guides from other sources you might enjoy:

T1 Frigates and Pirate Frigates Balance Guide

Low Sec Survival Guide

How to "kite"

How to kill a "kiter"

Disruption Cruisers

Draiv's Guide to PI (Most excellent)

Meta Levels Explained

Guide to Overheating

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