A Question of Loyalty, Part Three

Back in the early days when I first started playing Eve, I can remember being struck by some players whose histories were crammed full of different Corporations.  A long list of switching and moving that I found odd, having only experienced one Corp at that time, I thought it might last forever.  In fact, I had every expectation that it would.  And why wouldn't it? We had a good group of people, a nice mix of skills and skill levels, in a highly desirable location in Providence.  But it didn't last and it wasn't long before it started falling apart.  And so began my journey, a journey that hasn't ended, to find the right place to hang my hat.

Yesterday I was thinking that anyone looking at my current History might jump to the same conclusions as I did way back in the day.  It's funny because I consider myself a very loyal person, and despite the apparent switching around from my History, I think I've actually exhibited that in-game as well.  That might seem like a strange thing to say, but it is yet another example of why pure facts don't always tell the truth.  In fact, despite what it looks like, I have been very loyal.  Just not exactly in the way I originally thought.

Phoenix Industrial (LFA) - My first Corp.  I wasn't involved in the running of the Corp and I have a tremendous amount of respect for everyone I met during those three months, many of those players I am still on good terms with.  But things started going haywire at some point and we were going to have to leave Providence.  This is when my loyalty started becoming more about the Alliance than the specific Corp.

Dusty Death Enterprise (LFA) - This was an easy switch as I had been flying with members of Dusty while in the previous Corp.  During this first time in Dusty, Angor and I began getting the itch for the first time.  It's a big Universe and when all you've experienced is one part of it, it's easy to understand.

Inglorious Basterds - I talked about this in the post below this one.  We tried it and for a lot of reasons it didn't work out.  But we learned a lot and took care of that nasty itch for awhile at least.

Dusty Death Enterprise (LFA) - Back to Dusty.  Almost three months before, once again, things started getting weird.  Even to this day I don't understand exactly what happened, but a strange combination of events led to us trying to save Dusty by trying to destroy it.  We tried to re-form most of the Corp by forming a new Corp, a combination of events that led to the formation of...

BRUTAL Company (LFA) - Which lasted all of two weeks.  We somehow lost a POS tower, someone in the Corp stole a huge amount of materials and isk, and the whole thing spiraled out of control rather quickly.  Ending with Angor shooting a "Blue" by mistake and both of us running away into the wilds.

Tropical Killer Bananas - One day.  That was enough to convince me that Privateers wasn't anywhere I wanted to be.  At this point Angor and I split up for the first time, he went and joined a Corp in UK and I tried to find a way back into LFA.

Setenta Corp (LFA) - I joined Setenta to get back into LFA, mostly because I had flown with some of their pilots and respected them.  I still do.  But I was in the Corp for a very short time when they started talking about leaving LFA and moving up North.  After all the moving, drama and crap, I had no intention of doing this again.  But I was determined to find a Corp and stick with it.

Dissonance Corp (LFA) - I spent five months in DION, my longest time with a Corp so far.  I really enjoyed my time there and everyone that is in that Corp I have only the highest respect for.  At some point during my stay the Corp decided to leave LFA and this time I was determined to stick with the Corp first.  We moved a long way and it took a tremendous amount of effort.  Our new home in Insmother with Dogs of War and then Undivided was horrible for me.  I tried to make it work, but I wasn't making any isk (In fact I lost about 4 Billion in those months!) and finally decided that, while it wasn't the Corps fault, I couldn't stay in the Corp if they were going to stay in the Alliance.

Smegnet Incorporated (LFA) - My current Corp.  Back in LFA at the worst time possible.  My good luck continues as Providence comes apart under stress from both -A- and pets, as well as internally between CVA Holders.  Frankly it is simply a huge messy pile of political drama, as Corps leave, switch sides, systems fall, and leadership can't seem to make up its mind what to do next.  I have no idea where this is all leading.

The common thread?  Apart from bad luck, horrible timing, bad decisions (but good experience!) and often misplaced loyalties?  The Alliance.  I have been almost exclusively loyal to LFA from the very beginning.  That realization yesterday made me feel a bit better about my Eve career and the choices I've made, which without exception, I always felt were the best ones at the time I made them.

What will the future hold?

LFA Killboard Masthead

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  1. "Tropical Killer Bananas - One day. That was enough to convince me that Privateers wasn't anywhere I wanted to be."

    Curiosity only, but why?

  2. No offense intended, but station camping is not my style. And when you've spent your life in zero, those that haven't stick out like a sore thumb. It just wasn't for me.



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