Going to the Dogs

No time for Eve today sadly, but I thought I'd keep my brisk posting schedule full by sharing a poster I did about six months ago.  This was done for the Corp I was in at the time.  We had just decided to leave Providence and head 47 jumps away to Insmother and a new Alliance called Dogs of War.  That decision would continue the trend of me losing the bank I had managed to build up, a loss that would eventually exceed 12 billion isk.  And also lead to the one decision I regret making in Eve.  But that is a story for another time.

DION Has Gone To The Dogs


  1. I believe it was "D0gs of War" (with a zero), but when were you with them? Right before their collapse? If so do you remember ever flying with or seeing; Lone Wolfe013 or TheJaguar?

    And nice poster by the way. And it's odd to have been so close to a blog pack member. ;)

  2. I think I remember flying with Lone Wolf a few times, yes I was there thru the collapse and the formation of UNDIVIDED.

  3. Ah, well I hope I was fun to fly with. :l And yea, I actually know the guy who is friends with the guys that basically did the alliance takeover.


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