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Freebooted has a post up that you should read, especially in light of the Pod Captain Debate from earlier. (See post below the one below this one, you know, scroll down.)  I'm honored that one of the options is named after me.  Funny stuff and worthy of a solid mention.  Go on, click over there and read it.  It's ok.

My thoughts:

• Being in a pod, piloting your ship is Eve Official Cannon.
(Sorta, there are many examples of this NOT being true, the Cannon isn't very consistent.)

• There are a lot of loose cannon materials out there that suggest otherwise.
(So that makes any "official" position impossible.  Not to mention fan fiction, etc.)

• Imagination is more important than knowledge.  (Thanks Albert!)

• None of it affects game play in the slightest.
(It really doesn't.)

• Have fun.  Dream big dreams.  Fly bold.  Ya know.


  1. There is quite a lot of detail about pod technology on the eve website backstory section, as well as in the chronicles. As I understand it, the pilot is indeed in a pod of goo while piloting the ship. The crew does not have pods, nor clones. But, a lot less crew is required (maybe 2000 on a BS instead of 5000 because the captain can control all subsystems through the neural net rather than relaying orders through a chain of command like the NPCs have to do. That's why the rats on a gate don't target you instantly like a capsuleer would. They are busy relaying commands from the bridge to the weapons room etc. As for the crew's expectations signing on to a capsuleer ship... This is covered in a couple of the chronicles.

  2. Ships do have escape pods for crew, there is a chronicle about a capsuleer talking to a surviving crew member to prove this. When you read about ships being flown the conventional way, this is because it is also a possibility. Capsuleers haven't been around that long after all, and one has to undergo the training and be compatible with the hardware to fly a ship as a capsuleer would.

  3. Eve is really too new to have a fully fleshed out canon, however, I distinctly remember reading about the pilot being in a pod full of goo (a la _The Matrix_) and the rest of the ship being automated.

    I sort of picture this being the case because the pod protects the pilot from the violent accelerations required for null gee combat. The crew are on the ships that do not have pod pilots. Pirates and faction ships. Pod ships replace the crew with automation.

    If you read the first two years' worth of fiction and backstory, all of this is in there.


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