Defeated by an Impel

Spent the day mining with Ana, which is usually boring but necessary.  I say "usually" boring because I did have some excitement today.  Her Hulk was going strong on the 8th can of the day, this was mostly afk mining today, so when I checked back in on her lo and behold some schmuck actually can-flipped me!  Now I've can-flipped my share of pilots, mostly back in the early days, but no one has ever can-flipped me before.  It was then that I realized, it wasn't "me" that was being can-flipped, it was my Indy alt Ana.  I've told you before I have problems keeping it all straight.

So I flew my Hulk back to the station, dumped the Ore and got in my Impel.  A plan was already forming and I thought it had a great shot at working.  The CF was in a Merlin and not an especially old character, so I doubted his point would have the strength to stop the Impel's +2 warp.  I didn't have any Warp Core Stabs, but I didn't need them.  So I flew back to the belt to see if he was still waiting on me.  He was.

So I approached the can and opened it up so the cargo windows were next to each other on the overview.  When I was right on top of the can I aligned to the station, dumped the can into the Impel's cargo and hit the warp to button.  He started shooting me right away and tried to scram me.  It didn't work.  Sadly I had moved Ana down to this sys this very morning, so all she had in the station was a Hulk and the Impel.  And RJ was nine or more jumps away.

Until this very moment I never really thought about the ability this blog gives me to expose pilots.  I've thought about it, should I give his name or keep it anonymous?  I've landed on this for now, he is a character so he is already anonymous.  So who would I be protecting?  Him and his Corp are already on my list.  The only thing that does give me pause is this, I usually only post about things that have happened in the past.  Even if it has only been a few days in the past.  This one just happened.  I can't explain it, but I do feel a little weird about it.

Here was local afterwards.

Anastasia Javix > LOL
Anastasia Javix > back to can flipping school m8
CF; only so much you can do against wstabs.
CF; wondering why you took so long tho
Anastasia Javix > huh didnt have any wcs
CF; oh well, then the honour was all yours
Anastasia Javix > worthy try, lucky for you my main isnt in sys
CF; bring it!
Anastasia Javix > lol be careful what u wish for
CF; you have 7 minutes
Anastasia Javix > he's 17 jumps away, another day
CF; who? Rixx?
CF; isnt he the famous blob pilot?
Anastasia Javix > am i famous already?
CF; ^ this guy..
Anastasia Javix > ur starting to bore me m8
CF; come out the station and have a dance then
Anastasia Javix > u tried that already, couldnt even kill my indy alt
Anastasia Javix > kinda sad really
Anastasia Javix > come back when ur bounty is higher
CF; told you, kudos for that. now let me have another try. Ill do my best
CF; too late
CF; good day sir, hf
Anastasia Javix > cya ltr

UPDATE: I said that I felt weird about this and I've been proven correct.  I won't go into details, but suffice it to say that I have removed the character's anonymous in-game name from the post above.  I will never use this blog to defame anyone or talk about them in a way that presents them in an un-fair light.  This character did indeed can-flip me and his killboard clearly shows that this wasn't his first time doing so to other pilots.  Having said that, his name has been removed.