Large Hybrid Five

I swear, some day I am going to write a best-selling horror novel entitled "Large Hybrid Five"!  You just watch that I don't.  Nothing has stood grasped around my pasty white neck as long or as painfully as that specific skill.  This Sunday, after Command Ship IV is finished, I will point my mouse at it and drag its sorry ass into the skill training window.  I hope it's happy.  I hope I am in the (slightly less) month that it takes to train.

I know, I shoulda trained it last Summer.  I shoulda trained it any number of other times and just gotten it over with.  You're right, you're always right.  But gosh darn it, other things kept getting in the way.  Oh yeah, I have a ton of excuses baby.  

I don't know about you dear reader type person, and how could I?, but I suspect that many of you are like me.  Like me in this one specific sense, cause I'm a snowflake and no one is like me.  But we can share this.  I need goals.  Especially in this insane game.  It is so easy to get distracted.  And boy have I been distracted.  Moving back and forth around the universe.  Trying to develop the right skill plan, trying not to be attracted to the next shiny.  But mostly, trying not to be bummed that I chose Caldari as my race.  I mean c'mon, the Raven and the Rokh don't exactly inspire do they?

(This post isn't about those two BS, so don't bother telling me about them.  I love them both for different reasons and I just bought and fitted a new Rokh yesterday.)  But I waited.  In the long run I am glad that I waited.  Now my skills are solid and I do have a great skill plan that I am pretty happy with, which means I only muck about with it several times a week instead of daily.  When I do finally fit those large T2 guns on a ship I will be ready.  And it'll be a Megathron I put them on first.  My Rokh will be second.

Eve teaches some hard lessons.  It's funny because I am a very patient and persistent person in real life.  But this game drove me crazy at first, the long hard-slog is long and hard.  And I still don't feel like I've gotten all the way up that cliff yet.  Do you ever?  I wonder.

But Large Hybrid Five (And associated spec skills, don't remind me!) will be a big step in the right direction.  And then some other horrible skill will be staring out at me waiting to take its place.  Gulp.


  1. Haha. Done that, been there. To be honest, I find that having another account or two to ding other shorter skills helps a lot. The grind to CAL-BS V is staring at me and I am consciously putting it off until Tyrannis hits so I can complete a bunch of shorter skills on my alts while doing the long grind.

  2. Latro - I agree, now that I have a viable alt to play around with it has become much easier to grind through the longer ones with Rixx. Which is probably the biggest reason his skill plan has become more solid lately.

  3. Just wait until both your main and your alt have a long skill to train for. Not exciting.

    I made a conscious choice to not fly battleships. They're big. They're slow. They're ugly. They're expensive (I know, insurance makes it not such a big deal). They need big guns, which means they need big gun skills.

    Though I've been playing for close to 2 years now, I've only been in a battleship once -- and I did not enjoy my time there.

    I'm morally against battleships -- because really, we all shouldn't be flying them. And I'm eccentric.

  4. I can't tell you how well you voiced that feeling. For so long, it had been such an anonymous yet omnipresent emotion within me every time I thought about EVE. Finally, someone who has the verbal know-how to actually describe it.

    It's killer sometimes to know that you are about to kill a month of gametime to finish that skill, and it's only one of about a bajillion.

  5. parity - i hear ya, not a big fan of BS myself, I prefer smaller ships and the freedom they give you. but i realize that BS do have a role to play and i'd like to be able to add those big guns to the fight.

    August - thnx m8, I suspect every Eve player has felt the same way from time to time.

  6. Heh, I know the feeling. My current bogey skill is Torpedoes V. Despite it being less than two weeks long, I've been learning it since January. Unlike you, I don't have the discipline to stick with it and end up convincing myself there's greater benefit in squeezing a few IIIs and IVs in first.

    If I'm a good boy and drink all my milk, one day when I grow up I'll be able to shoot Tech II torps.


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