The Pause that Refreshes

Four days without Eve.  Didn't log on even once, not even a tiny little bit.  The good news is that I wasn't podded during those four days.  Of course I didn't destroy any ships either, but that isn't a big deal since I'm taking a break from that for awhile.  My last loss was last week and I don't even count that one since I was bush-wacked when I wasn't paying attention.  Set course for Amarr, warp jump warp jump, semi-afk, low-sec gang on the gate, huh?  Oh... head back to Gate, got a late start, ship explodes, reject convo regarding ransom (PS I never accept a convo from someone that is shooting me during a battle, just so you know.) get podded, wake up in station... you know.

So lots of blogs to catch up on.  It will be good to get back on and get some things taken care of this morning.  Going four days without Eve is one thing, but going four days without thinking about Eve is another.  That is a HUGE accomplishment for me and would have been unthinkable even a year ago.  I've been making progress with my addiction and hopefully soon I can get my house back from those Mexican Cartel guys.  I'm kidding.  About the house.

It was great to take a break.  Now back into the deep end.