[ Due to circumstances beyond the author's control, the handsome, daring and supremely awesome writer is not where he should be.  For the past two days the writer has found himself elsewhere.  In this elsewhere world the author is without a computer with a connection sufficient to allow for the playing of Eve.  Yes, feel pity for him.  As we all know, everything comes with consequences.  The consequence of elsewhere world means that the author will be unable to provide a 1v1 FUNNY today.  It also means that the author was unable to be a part of D-GTMI being transferred back into our hands yesterday.  Timing my friends, it is all about timing. ]

I don't like leaving you without anything though, so here for your viewing pleasure are several posters I did very quickly leading up to and including the fall of D-GTMI back in January.

Click HERE for embiggened version

Click HERE for embiggened version

Both of these were done very, very quickly and they certainly don't represent my best work.  But in a way that is what propaganda is all about, responding quickly to the situation as it evolves and changes.

Which is where this one came from.  In response to CVA's request that LFA's executor needed to step down after the fall of D-GTMI and the whatnots that followed.  Again, I wasn't involved in the politics and I probably shoulda stayed out of it, but those were heady days my friends.

And now, just three short months later I'm in Paxton fighting on the side of CVA again, LFA is no more and D-G is once again ours.   Strange huh?


  1. Politics in EVE huh? Good times ... good times.

  2. Honestly I do try to avoid politics, but they keep sucking me in!


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