Tidbits & Friday Morsels

> I've been in M3 for 30 days today!  Time sure flies when you're under siege and being forced out of your own space by marauding bands of evil reds intent on your utter destruction, doesn't it?

> I finished training Large Hybrid Turret V earlier this week and in 2 short days I'll have the railgun specialization skill trained to Level IV, then on to Gallente Cruiser IV and Gallente Battleship IV and I'll be able to fly a Sniper Megathron!

> Why is flying a T2 fit Sniper Megathron such a big stupid deal?!  It is a big stupid deal for me because of what it represents.  As a Caldari character Rixx has mostly been focused on shield and missile skills for the last year and a half.  However, I've also been training him as a well-rounded PvP character with focus on core skills and whatnots.  In addition he has been slowly cross-training Gallente.  Undocking in a T2 fitted Megathron represents the culmination of those two skill trains, fully T2 fitted Caldari BS and fully T2 fitted Gallente BS.  Representing shield, missile, gun and armor.

> Which brings up the ?, what to do next?  DIC? HIC? T3? Minmitar CT?  Right now I'm leaning towards training for a Tengu next, it won't take very long with my skills and then starting to CT Minmitar.

> The word is that it might take up to 3 weeks for PXF to decided where we are going.  I sure hope it doesn't take that long.  Honestly I'm already bored out of my mind.  I'm spending most of my time with Ana making isks, but that gets old real quick without the outlet of shooting something.  Luckily this is an especially busy RL time right now, so the other side of that coin isn't bad timing.  For now.

> That's it.  Later today another 1v1 FUNNY and then the weekend.  Fly safe.  (Unless you are red to me, then I hope your ship explodes for no apparent reason as you're reading this.)