Weird Ass Day

I've noticed a distinct correlation between real life stress and insanity, and in-game stupidity.  Remind me, next time I am having a bad day, to log off.  This might save me some more embarrassing moments.

Despite a morning that started off well the day quickly devolved into near retardation.  I moved my remaining assets out of Providence thru increasing red gate camps.  My next to the last trip in my Taranis was borderline epic, the NOIR camps tried really hard to kill me.  Even though I managed to get caught in four bubbles, several warp-ins and whatnots, they were unsuccessful.  I got away.  I will give them some credit, they did manage to pop my Crow the other day.  So it came down to my Buzzard and the last load of mods.  Me and my Buzzard are virtually unstoppable, so I had no problems evading the bad guys.  Mission accomplished and Rixx is free in Empire.  Whew.

Paxton is currently under two war decs however, so Empire isn't as safe as one might think.  One of the war decs is with U'K and the other with Privateers, who also war dec'd LFA when we started evacuations.  Having spent ONE whole day in the Privateers (when I realized just how fail a Corporation can be and left) I know how little I have to worry about them.  Oh, did I just say that?

So I'm sitting in station minding my own business, not really playing, but Eve in on in the background - when Angor asks me if I wouldn't mind undocking and giving his Rapier a good test.  We do this sort of thing all the time.  Being a little low on ships at the moment (most of my fleet having been blow'd up, sold or exploded for the insurance) I chose my new Nighthawk and undocked.  He starts shooting me and I wait awhile and then lock him down and start shooting back.  I figure we should get a good idea of his tank as well.  It isn't long before I realize I am burning through his tank at an alarming rate, and shortly he enters armor.  I click the mod to stop its cycle, but it remains green.  I click it many, many times and it refuses to stop.  Finally I click the unlock button, but also to no avail.  Poor Angor's Rapier explodes.  I have no idea what just happened?  A mini-lag issue, some kind of server glitch?  A week ago I had a similar problem with the mwd on my Crow, it wouldn't stop cycling even when I finally ran out of cap.  Either way, I sent Angor 150m as compensation, apologized and took the joking in Corp channel.  I deserved it.

That issue would come back to haunt me shortly however.  A red War Target was spotted outside the station in a Hurricane.  Obvious bait of course.  But I figured I'd have some fun with him.  He was a Privateer so he'd probably just run away from my NightHawk.  Just that morning another WT in a Cane had run away from me, saying in local "Wow, if I bring a BS you gonna bring a Carrier?"

At first he didn't do much.  But then he decided to attack me.  This should have alerted me that he must be bait for a larger fleet and normally it would have.  But I was being stupid.  So I engaged him and started killing him.  My plan, if I could be said to have had one, was to kill him quickly before help arrived.  Help arrived fast and local spiked with 20 red War Targets.  I tried to disengage, survive the timer and re-dock.  Normally no big deal, my tank could easily survive that.  Ahhh, but remember the previous problem?  Yep you guessed it.  Unable to disengage.

Again, once your day starts to go south on you, log off and try again next time.