Dream Ships

Over on Astral's blog earlier today he asked what our two dream ships might be?  If you could have any two ships magically appear in your hanger... which would they be?

I won't bore you with all the thinking and hand-ringing that has gone on over this question, because I haven't had any.  I have two very specific ships in mind that I would love to fly.  In fact, I intend on flying them both as soon as possible.  (Given sufficient skills, isk, etc.)  So without further ado.


In my humble opinion it is the coolest damn ship in the game.  In fact, it is so cool, people probably explode simply from the coolness factor.  Later this week I'll be fully skilled on my Cynabal (I don't fly ships until I consider myself 'fully' skilled.) and that will be a very cool thing, as is my Dramiel and my Daredevils.  But nothing compares to the Machariel.

That might not be actually true, according to statistics, fits, combat records, and other factual information.  Fine.  Whatever.  It's true in my head and that is the only place it matters.

When I eventually do undock in this beast, in my mind, I will have finally arrived.  Whoa unto those that get in my way, prepare to explode from sheer coolness.  lol.


C'mon, this thing is just pure evil.  It has BLOOD on it!  It sucks the life right out of you and leaves you helpless from really, really far away.

The Bhaalgorn is simply silly, expensive and totally bad-ass.  As a zero space pilot I'd be stupid to consider flying it in most fleets, would be the subject of much hot-dropping and Alliance wide primary calling, and yet... I'd totally do it.

I'm not actually that far away from flying either of these two ships, not in skills at least.  But lots more has to happen before RJ jumps into anything that expensive.

There are so many cool ships in Eve.  I've already flown the Gila, the Firetail, the CN Hookbill, the Daredevil, the Dramiel, the Navy Comet, the Worm, Caracal Navy Issue, and the Cynabal.  And they have all been, in one way or another, a fun ship to fly.  I'd like to eventually try them all, although some like the Freki, are going to be almost impossible to get.

How about you?